The British International School, Budapest ~ Day 1

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Thank you to Hazel Gibbons, Head of Primary, at The British International School, Budapest, Hungary, for coordinating a three day visit and structuring, masterfully, a schedule that means we can spend time looking at both the analog, and digital, elements of learning taking place.

Our first two days working with the pupils, their teachers and support teachers, then the third day with the colleagues looking at so much technology and Web2 tools they might crackle and fizz.

Today, we set off on a journey with Y5 & Y6 pupils in the morning, & Y3 & Y4 in the afternoon. Our time with children are an exploration of the many ways that virtual worldscan be used as the stimulus for writing, & so much more.

Those journeys are to “distant landscapes” but only cover as little as a few steps, or even just turning, in terms of distance covered, when “you are there”. When teachers take the next steps, with their classes, they might travel slightly further in terms of footsteps within the game, but a lot further in terms of learning, as they know the children they are working with. However, we always entreat those teachers not to take too many paces within “the game”, and to do all they can to ensure that it goes beyond being “a game”. Instead of “if you were here”, or “what can you see on the board?”, the virtual can become so real, part of where we are, to the point where we can smell it.

If a movement is made too soon, or we give in to the natural human tendency to move, too much, we have lost the power, and magic, of standing still, and taking in the world around us. Then, children can be constantly begging their teachers to “Go here, Miss!”, “Do this, Sir!, “Click on that, Miss!”, rather than stand, experience, and feel the place, before moving. When you do take your time, children know that, when you ask them write about “here”, you mean “HERE”, (instead of “and then I, and then I…”) because they know we WILL go somewhere else…. but not just yet.

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