New Pasture Lane Primary School, Bridlington ~ Day 1

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The first of two days at New Pasture Lane Primary School, Bridlington in North Yorkshire. Thank you to Alison Tadman Headteacher and Martin Coleman, Assistant Headteacher and ICT Coordinator for inviting us to their school, with NPL Rockin’ Radio  broadcasts live during school hours.

New Pasture Lane Primary School is a small primary school in the seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire. They have a 52 place Foundation Unit, two key stage 1 classes and five key stage 2 classes.  They have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities available to all pupils. The school also encourages music and drama through lessons, whole class ensembles and performances.

A morning with the Y5 and Y6 pupils

An afternoon with the Y2 pupils

Thank you to Martin for writing this for the blog:

I first saw Tim around 5 years ago preaching the virtues of Myst and more during the LEA’s ICT conference at the Spa in Bridlington and thought… “He’s got something that will make make a significant difference to to the way that children explore creatively in class”. I bought the disk and applied some of the techniques he used during the seminar and it really seemed to work.

The Y6 children were charmed by the imagery produced by the Myst game, which became a totally interactive teaching experience. I had to draw a line in the sand and stop after 3 excellent writing weeks, otherwise we could have spent a whole term creatively writing this way.

I put it all away for a couple of years then decided to use Myst IV to fill a gap I had in the curriculum. At the end of the second week, you guessed it Ofsted appeared.  Even the inspector became totally immersed in the lesson and said she’d ‘never seen anything like this before’ and didn’t hesitate to grade the lesson as outstanding.

I’ve mentored students and shared some of Tim’s Myst techniques with students and staff and though it was time that more had the opportunity to see him at work and use some of his techniques to improve their overall creative writing practice. Tim coming to New Pasture lane this week, can only set the whole of New Pasture Lane school school on an adventure that will help both pupils and staff write more creatively for many years to come.

Martin Coleman Assistant Head / Year 6 teacher

Nice one Martin. Thank you.

Whilst games in the Myst series, form only one part of the many things we share with schools, when looking at ways to use technology to bring learning even more alive, it is a valuable element, partly because of the impact that it can have. What we are blessed to explore, investigate, and develop, are how those landscapes, and many other forms of stimulus, can form a catalyst, and hub, around which many other digital, or analog, learning experiences can take place. It was those other ideas, a plethora of them, that we explored today.

Thanks, and well done, all. More tomorrow…

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  1. A day packed with a richness of ideas and writing from both pupils and staff. Looking forward to the adventure continuing tomorrow for the rest of the school.

  2. Tim says:

    Nice one – thank you Martin – us too
    More wandering in the world of words (then discovering in the domain of digits) tomorrow

  3. Jo Hetherington says:

    Very informative and refreshing day. Looking forward to implementing some of the ideas into my lessons.

  4. Julie Granton says:

    Had staff meeting last night with Tim and Sarah and was so impressed with all the free websites we were given to bring creativity into the classroom (and not only that, as a Christian in a lively church there were so many amazing sites to use for our youth group and for live-streaming – excellent). I look forward to seeing him in action teaching the children this morning and stealing his ideas.

  5. Sarah says:

    Great to hear Julie
    We are looking forward to more too
    Let us know what you find useful…

  6. Sarah says:

    Thank you Jo
    Please keep in touch and let us know what you try first 😀

  7. Chris Brompton says:

    Thankyou Tim and Sarah from all of us in Year 2. We really enjoyed spending time with you yesterday and look forward to putting some of your exciting ideas into action. My ‘littlies’ have been inspired and are eager to experiment and explore more of what you already started with us. Great apres school meetings too.

  8. Tim says:

    Thanks Chris
    Your “littlies” were very big and up for it. Well done
    Thank you for the part they layed in two really full on fun days
    Thanks you too

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