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There are many blogging platforms, and, whichever one you try, it is important to know your students are going to be safe in their ventures in to the world of words, and it is worth every moment as blogging is powerful tool in getting children an audience, a purpose to write, and valuable feedback.

Kidblog is “built by teachers, for teachers, so students can get the most out of the writing process”. Students become creators – not just consumers – of information.

There is a crucial role for teachers, as discussion moderators, and content curators, in the classroom. With Kidblog, teachers monitor and control all activity within their classroom blogging community.

Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students safely navigate the digital – and increasingly social – online landscape. Kidblog allows students to exercise digital citizenship within a secure, private classroom blogging space. Kidblog’s security features put safety first:

  • Your students’ blogs are private by default – viewable only by classmates and the teacher. Teachers can elect to make posts public, while still moderating all content.
  • Teachers can add password-protected parent and guest accounts to the community at their discretion.
  • Comment privacy settings mean you can block unsolicited comments from outside sources.
  • No advertising of any kind.

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