New Pasture Lane Primary School, Bridlington ~ Day 2

| October 1, 2013 | 5 Comments 

Our second day at New Pasture Lane Primary School,  this time with the younger Key Stage 2’s and Key Stage 1’s.

It is great that New Pasture Lane have placed the emphasis of our visit on the teaching, and learning, experiences that can happen when using games as a stimulus. A joy to spend a second day, working alongside the children of the school, with the “big people” dotted in amongst them, joining in, mucking in, modelling, scribing, and taking part in all of the experiences.

Teachers, and learning assistants, writing alongside children means that those children get to see that writing isn’t something we inflict upon them, and then go off and do something “far more interesting”. Some of our children have never seen what “enjoying writing” looks like. To sit together, share the struggle, and the delight in successes, is a simple, but potentially powerful, experience.

Marvelous magic took place again in these sessions. Picking up words, ideas, and thoughts, and then juggling with them, …takes courage. A huge well done to all of the folk here today, whatever size, whatever age, whatever ability, for exploring the terrain of text in inventive ways.

We had a second chance to explore a swathe of digital delights too. Games are but one method of enhancing the imaginative spirit of our children. When paired with some of the other potential that the wonders of web2.0 offer, magic can ensue. There have been some superb magicians over these two days!

A special thank you to headteacher, Alison Tadman for her smiles, observations and enthusiam over the two days working with her children and colleagues, a lovely bunch.

Further thanks to Martin Coleman Assistant Headteacher and ICT Coordinator, for ensuring the smooth running of the technical side of things during our visit.


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  1. sandra ward says:

    Spent 2 wonderful days at NPL with Tim and Sarah. I was initially sceptical about the whole virtual world thing but ‘ICT to inspire’ is oh so much more than Myst. Everyone – young and old – was enthralled and full of imagination. Children were allowed, nay, encouraged to be creative and how they responded to the challenge! Literacy skills were developed and vocabularies increased – all while we were having fun. Tim is an inspiring teacher, using every teaching trick in the book (plus a few from the updated re-print)to create, polish and sparkle ideas. I have also come away with a brain crammed full of ideas that I cannot wait to start using, beginning tomorrow! 2 days well spent and highly recommended.

  2. Martin Coleman says:

    What can I say !! Two full-on days jam packed with creativity from the children and staff alike. Pitched perfectly by Tim and Sarah, who both seem powered by copper-topped batteries.

    Looking forward to seeing how writing develops. A real ‘marginal-gain’ for everyone.

    Thanks to the both of you

    Martin (Colin)

    P.S. Life was so busy we missed the opportunity to interview you for NPL Rockin’ Radio Station. Would it be possible to send you a podcast link to respond to?

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you, MARTIN!
    We would love to see the results, as we know your lot will find ways to develop the ideas further still!
    Hope we meet again
    All the very best
    Sarah and Tim

  4. Alison Tadman says:

    Well Tim and Sarah you will be pleased to hear,

    Year 2 have ‘found the man’and grown a jungle in their classroom,
    Year 5 have created several of those amazing power points with film clips,
    Year 1 are still at the beach
    and Billy hasn’t stopped writing yet!
    The whole school is still buzzing following your visit, writing week has just extended to at least a fortnight-which I think is only just the beginning!

  5. Tim says:

    Wow! Joyous to hear
    That’s what it’s all about
    All credit to you all and well done all at Pasture Lane
    We are so looking forward to hearing and reading more…
    Thank you
    (Say hi to everyone – T and S )

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