Hope University, Liverpool ~ Day 1

| October 2, 2013 | 52 Comments 

A joyous return to Liverpool Hope University, for a day of lessons (and training) with, in the morning the Year 2 pupils from Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School and 4th Year student teachers, and in the afternoon with the Year 6 pupils.

Thank you to Michelle Pearson, Specialist Phonics Tutor, Faculty of Education, and Lynne Berry, I.C.T. Tutor in Teacher Education Department for coordinating our two days here, arranging timetables and schools to ensure valuable learning experiences for all.

A delightful, adventurous morning with the Year 2 pupils from Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School, their teachers, teaching assistants and the student teachers.

And a refreshing, exciting afternoon with the Year 6 pupils.

Michelle has kindly explained the purpose for inviting us this week to work with the student teachers:

Day three of the Year 4 Leading English Week at Liverpool Hope and the events are building to a frenetic crescendo. The students, excited but blissfully unaware, are expectant about their writing training day looking forward to picking up some practical tips. And yet the day is about so much more. Last year the students had a fantastic day with Tim and Sarah but more than that the impact lasted for the entire year. Impact on their subject knowledge, confidence to teach writing and their pedagogical knowledge all supported outstanding final placement grades in Teaching Standard 3. In fact students on their graduation day were still talking affectionately about Mr.Walker, about the ideas they could now use in their own classrooms and how they had developed a passion for teaching writing. That’s so much more than a training day. Bring it on Tim and Sarah I can’t wait to see the transformation again.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Tim/Sarah, Thanks for a fantastic morning last week with the wonderful year 2 class, it was a fantastic experience from which I saw many different ideas and techniques to make Literacy come alive in the classroom. Can’t wait to use them on the next placement! thanks again

  2. Emma Price says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah it was so lovely to able to be part of an interesting and exciting way to teach literacy and ICT and I will be taking away lots of great tips that I will be applying to my own lessons.

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