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rcb1_logo_small“Took two maths o’levels, but failed three”?! Rich Chart Live FREE might help.

After keynotes and training days, we are almost always asked what we used to do my presentations. People are often surprised when we tell them that we use PowerPoint.

Our aim is always to make a PowerPoint come alive. A white screen and little black writing, and reading it all out is Power Pointless!

We aim to keep presentations very visual and give folk information, and ideas, on lots of different levels.

However, If you have to present a lot of data, how can you keep your presentation lively and stop your audience snoozing off? And, how can your children do it easily too?

Rich Chart Live FREE is an interesting way.

Create enjoyable and captivating animated Flash charts and graphs within your web browser. “Your data deserves better than boring charts”

The process is easy and quick. Import data from a spreadsheet and pick a template: Done. You don’t HAVE to use your email.

Publish your charts to Flash or PowerPoint formats, ready to impress whoever sees them. It is also possible to embed directly to your blog or website by just copy & pasting HTML.

The free version includes a link to the Rich Chart Live site and some branding but, hey ho, give it a go!

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  1. Kevin Crouch says:

    Tim, I love your point about making the tool invisible and letting the content come alive. A powerpoint is not an end or a product, its just a slideshow and you can put anything you want on that slide, within reason. The product should be a rich, powerful, set of graphics.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Tim says:

    That’s great to hear Kevin, thank you for the kind feedback and great to keep in touch
    Have you tried GeoGebra ~ Free mathematics software
    ( )
    Even more animation of them thar numbers
    All the best to all in Chennai
    T and S

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