Newbridge Junior School, Portsmouth ~ Day 1

| October 8, 2013 | 5 Comments 

Back down to Portsmouth and a return visit to Newbridge Junior School, some 6 years after our first visit. Joining us today colleagues from Isambard Brunel Junior School and Stamshaw Junior School.

How amazingly the world of the web has blossomed.

We splattered folk with SO many things that they might have started fizzing & crackling. We would rather there was “too much” rather than just one thing that might not appeal. So much potential can be unnerving because we can, so easily, be tempted just to dip in to a tool, then move on to to the next sparkling gem.

Our challenge, as teachers, is to choose the appropriate resources for the needs of our specific children, and to use it effectively. What suits one group, one year, may not be “just the thing” for another group, at another time, even though they are of the same age, and ability maybe.

Careful thought, consideration, planning, and evaluation, are necessary in order to bring learning alive in any context.

A huge thank you to Headteacher – Claire Stevens, Deputy Headteacher – Anna Webb for inviting us for a second time.

Their school provides a secure and caring environment in which children can develop and progress. They expect high standards in every aspect of school life, where children work together co-operatively and individuals are respected with the moto ‘BE YOUR BEST’

They have a large environmental area which includes a pond and dipping platform where many species of plants and insects are found and identified.

Great to be back, after so many years, and we are looking forward to our return, tomorrow, to work alongside the children.

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  1. Natasha Jones says:

    Inspirational, captivating and awe-inspiring. Every teacher needs to see Tim at work.

  2. Iain Gilmour says:

    A fascinating, full on day with ideas coming at us faster than new initiatives from the DfE. What was especially good was to hear new ways of using “old” tech – modal writing frames in PowerPoint for example. The challenge is now to distil some of the ideas and find where they can best be used to have maximum impact on writing in the school so that in a year’s time, we still have the same level of enthusiasm as we had today. Thank you!

  3. Jo McVicar says:

    A thought provoking 2 days. My head is crackling and fizzing now! But I did try out the ‘no need to put your hand up to answer’ philosophy – my class looked at me oddly, but we gave it a go. Gained lots of great ideas. Just need to spend a weekend locked away to play on my PC to work it all out!

  4. Maria Smith says:

    Great day and buzzing with loads of ideas. I used the multi modal powerpoint in my class. The kids loved it and produced their best quality work so far! 🙂

  5. Tim says:

    That’s great to hear Maria
    We would love to see what you create
    Keep in touch

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