Newbridge Junior School, Portsmouth ~ Day 2

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Day Two at Newbridge Junior School, this time with the children, the staff and visiting colleagues from Isambard Brunel Junior School and Stamshaw Junior School.

A joyous day of analog traipsing through the world of words…

Writing is one of the best ways of communicating with someone who isn’t “here”. It is also a great way to remember somewhere, when we head off to pastures new.

Following yesterday’s INSET at Newbridge Junior School’s headteacher, Claire Stevens and deputy headteacher, Anna Webb recorded their thoughts for us here:

Three schools over 100 staff who would have thought it possible to touch the hearts and minds of so many!  Our goal… to find brave new ways to touch the hearts and minds of our learners. As this was Tim and Sarah’s second visit to Newbridge , we knew that there would be a significant buzz from staff  but  we were overwhelmed by the content (and tremendously happy that it wasn’t a ‘repeat performance ‘ like some speakers do). All three schools have  aspirations of raising standards of written work  in an exciting and hands on way.  Tim and Sarah are experts in forging the path of learning through the use of the visual to spark the imagination of children.  We were in a writers’ sweetie shop with so many ideas to choose from, no one went home empty handed!

Even after day one we have staff desperate to put their new learning into practice. We are in no doubt about the impact this significant and exciting training will have on the standards in our schools.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

And, what glorious fun we had today. Picking up ideas, juggling with them, creating wondrous original, and fantastic, sparkling new thoughts, then transferring these to paper. “Paper??!!! On a day of technology?!!” Yes. Using wooden, and plastic, scribing tools to craft some remarkable descriptive narrative. We even got in to descriptive instructions, (rather than “destructive inscriptions”!) and brought worlds alive with our words.

Well done, indeed, to all of the children, and staff, who flew with us to lands afar and aloft. Some superb “rememberings”.

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