Victoria Primary School, Penarth ~ Day 1

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The first of two days at Victoria Primary School in Penarth. Today a day of lessons, a morning with 60 Year 6 pupils and an afternoon with a class of Y2’s, their teachers and teaching assistants. What a joyous day of original experiments, playing, learning and laughter. A huuûuuüùúuūge thank you to everybody for coming with us on such enjoyable travels, virtual and real.

Before our visit, Tina Taylor, the headteacher, shared her thoughts about our visit.

Our school mission statement is  : Our learning goal is to ignite our curiosity, motivate , challenge and inspire us so that together we aim for the stars.

The school has identified the need to improve standards of achievement in writing for all pupils.

The introduction of Big Writing over the last two years has enabled the children to understand the writing process more effectively so that they appreciate what they are doing well and how to move on to improve the quality of their work. Standards have improved for all our learners but we need to build on this progress.

As reflective practitioners we will evaluate the children’s participation and involvement.  We will amend and review our current practice to ensure that all future activities will have the WOW factor for the learners and the teachers  impacting positively on the quality and enjoyment of  their learning experiences whilst raising pupil outcomes.

Thank you Tina. One word springs to mind about today: DELICIOUS. You have a right to be incredibly proud of your children, and colleagues. We were modelling so many aspects of classroom management, and your children responded SO quickly. They showed such great humour, confidence, imagination ,and respect for each other. Ideas were shared, built upon, played with and developed, in such a spirited fashion that we could have gone on for days. Thoroughly enjoyable indeed. Well done all at Victoria Primary.

Syniadau arbennig ar gyfer ysgrifennu creadigol – yn enwedig sut i ysgogi plant i ysgrifennu yn y ddwy iaith. Ffordd gwych o ddysgu ac addysgu trwy ‘chwarae gemau’. Gwych!

Excellent ideas for creative writing – especially how to inspire children to write in both languages. Fantastic way to learn through ‘game play’. Brilliant!

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  1. Mr. David Adams says:

    First of all can I say a huuuuge thank you for allowing me to be part of an incredible afternoon. I found it to be such an inspiring experience and certainly one I will never forget. All of us were completely engaged from the very start and right to the end and I don’t think none of us wanted it to end.
    There were lots of ides that I picked up and from now on I will certainly being trying to incorporate some of them into anything I do. It is very clear that you are very passionate about creative writing and writing in general but you make sure that you deliver your teaching and ideas in a fun and exciting manner. Again I want to say thank you and I look forward to the next time that I am part of an energetic, engaging and inspiring session.

  2. Aneesa Najjar says:

    What a fabulous first day! Chatter, laughter, observation, imagination and listening were encased in Tim’s magical landscape. His irrepressible enthusiasm to get us writing was so contagious – thanks!
    I’m really looking forward to discovering tomorrow.

  3. Kate Welsh says:

    Thank you Tim, what an amazing morning! Both teachers and pupils were completely captivated by your session, an incredibly valuable learning experience. So many excellent, yet simple ideas and I will enjoy experimenting!

    Really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us tomorrow!

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks Kate
    Glad you found it useful
    Looking forward to tomorrow too 😀

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you Aneesa
    We, too, are looking forward to some exploring tomorrow
    Glad you enjoyed today

  6. Tim says:

    A HuuUUUuUUUge thank you to you too David
    Your enthusiastic responses and sense of humour added to today
    So glad you enjoyed it
    More tomorrow…

  7. Sophie says:

    This afternoon was also fantastic. The children were so inspired by you and your approach to learning. Bring on that password to unlock lots more possibilities!

  8. Tim says:

    Thanks Sophie
    The Locked Page is waiting… 😀

  9. Tina Taylor says:

    Tim, what a wonderful and inspirational first day, the children and staff were all thoroughly engaged and enjoyed learning together.
    Just look at those faces on the website – every picture tells a story.

    Thank you for your comments about the staff and children. I am very proud to lead such an outstanding learning community but we are always trying to improve so roll on day two.

  10. Rachel Jones says:

    The first words a reluctant writer said to me after the children’s workshop were, “Miss Jones, can you photocopy my writing so that I can take it home to show my dad.” Those words simply describe the impact that Tim’s workshop had on the children and will have on our future teaching.

    Thanks Tim and Sarah.

  11. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Tina
    Your organisation has been remarkable – even the air freshener is called Insette! (Great for an INSET day)!
    You have a special school
    Tim and Sarah

  12. Tim says:

    Wow! Lovely to hear, Rachel. Thank you
    We would love to know what you try first

  13. Isobel adams says:

    I loved it thought it was brill and I learnt loads thank you

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