Athena Learning Alliance, Grimsby & Cleethorpes ~ Day 1

| October 14, 2013 | 13 Comments 

INSET today with the ‘Athena Learning Alliance’, the first of two days at Signhills Infants Academy and Signhills (Junior) Academy, in Cleethorpes. Thank you to Steve Carr, head teacher of Signhill Juniors, for coordinating the training at his school in order to accommodate both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 lesson experiences tomorrow, and hosting today’s INSET.

We were joined by folk from Scartho Junior AcademyMiddlethorpe Primary Academy, East Ravendale Church of England Academy, New Waltham Primary Academy, Signhills Infant Academy, Signhills Academy, Woodlands Primary,  Waltham Leas Primary Academy.

~a group of local schools, working closely together as the ‘Athena Learning Alliance’ ~ Like minded schools who work in a very positive way to enable all members of the school communities to have outstanding learning opportunities.

Thank you to Neville Rice, Principal of Scartho Junior Academy, for initially making contact to arrange these two days and explaining the thinking behind our invitation to work with the Athena Learning Alliance:

The Athena Learning Alliance has been working together in an official capacity for nearly two years. However, links between a vast majority of the schools has existed for at least seven years. The initial area of focus that brought us together over seven years ago was an interest in ICT and how it can be used to inspire children to learn. Our first area of focus was looking at different virtual learning environments and which one would best serve our needs. We never did agree on one and most of the schools haven’t really used one since then!

This love of ICT, and how it can impact on learning, flourished into many joint projects which found their focus in our ‘ICT Champion Days’, where staff and selected pupils, come together to learn collaboratively. The success of these programmes then found extended into other areas in school.

Around 2 ½ years ago, many of the schools that worked together looked at converting to academies. This brought about the formalizing of the ‘Alliance’.  Out of the eight schools in the Alliance, seven schools are now academies that have converted independently. The ethos behind these independent conversions were to enable the schools to retain their independence in uncertain times. The schools within the Alliance are:

Scartho Junior AcademyMiddlethorpe Primary Academy, East Ravendale Church of England Academy, New Waltham Primary Academy, Signhills Infant Academy, Signhills Academy, Woodlands Primary,  Waltham Leas Primary Academy.

A key focus that brings all the schools together is the importance placed on inspiring learning. An important part of this is developing the teaching of all staff in school. A key part of this development is looking at how teachers use technology to inspire and motivate learning.  All the schools have a focus on handheld learning.

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  1. Tim Rylands says:

    A full on, fast paced whizzźzżzzzž through just some of the possibilities
    Thanks all

  2. Rachel Green says:

    An absolutely fantastic day with lots of practical ideas! Am looking forward to trying a few out with the children in school. Thank you.

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Rachel
    Glad you enjoyed it
    We’d love to hear what you try out
    Keep in touch

  4. Neville Rice says:

    Great day Tim and Sarah – exactly what I had in mind when I had initially contacted you. It’s a shame I can’t make tomorrow, but I know that my staff who are attending are looking forward to it immensely.

  5. Tim says:

    Thanks Neville
    We are looking forward to tomorrow too
    “There’s more”.

  6. Paula Mountain says:

    Tonnes of ideas whizzing through my head. Picked up lots of ideas, now going to try a few out. Work in Foundation Stage and I think we’re going to start by using ‘the hat’ . Thanks for the day.

  7. Tim says:

    Nice 1
    Glad you found it useful
    Have fun

  8. Jane Powell says:

    Thank you so much for two fantastical days. So many thoughts buzzing through my mind – can’t wait to share ideas from this afternoon with the rest of my staff.

  9. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Jane
    You have a right to be very proud of your children as that afternoon session was utterly enjoyable
    Keep in touch
    Tim and Sarah

  10. Rob and Lou Funnell says:

    Thanks for a great day Tim…made us both smile and think! Will definitely be using some of the ideas in our teaching. Thought the idea of the interpreter for science was a great way of assessing children’s understanding.
    You also taught our 6 year old in the afternoon and he was absolutely full of it telling us about Mr and Mrs Walker and the ‘man with funny voices!’
    Thanks again,
    The fingersmiths!

  11. Tim says:

    Thank you both
    You were delightful folk to have in our sessions – up for it, hugely smiling, responsive and analytical
    Glad you found some stuff to nick! 😀
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Tim and Sarah

  12. Clare moiser says:

    Got Biscuit Bear ‘talking this morning-kids loved it when they came in and realised he had read their stories!, can’t wait for holiday next week to go through your treasure trove on the locked page!!

  13. Tim says:

    Nice one Clare
    We would love to see what Biscuit Bear has to say
    Enjoy the collection when you get a chance to play

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