Dulwich College, Beijing, China ~ Day 3

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Our final day at Dulwich College, a British International School in Beijing. And, what a shame for this joyous trip to come to a conclusion. Not an end though. It is so valuable that the “last” day with a school like this, is, in fact “a comma, not a full stop”.

Holly Edwards, the Junior School’s literacy coordinator, kindly shared her thoughts on what we have shared, and what the next steps might be:

Where do we go next? Where won’t we go – more like!

Staff at Dulwich College Beijing are now buzzing with a wealth of ideas and strategies to bring our creative curriculum to life. We have only just begun our exciting journey into the powerful world of a school-led creative curriculum. The training we have received from Tim and Sarah will now give us the much-needed tools and tricks to give it some extra flavour and hopefully clout!

One thing we will take with us is that the best lessons are those when children don’t even know that learning is taking place. They flow through it as if they are seated in a carefully sailed boat – the teacher knows where they are going and uses their prevailing winds to guide them. You can’t beat the feeling inside when children don’t want to finish a lesson, “No!! Is it REALLY the end?”  We have certainly witnessed many of our children saying just that over the last few days.  I am now determined to have some more of that next week!

I know Dulwich staff will not only dabble and explore the incredible ICT opportunities out there but also absorb the excellent teaching strategies that we observed first hand from Tim’s lesson. We know that speaking and listening are crucial skills for our children and we have seen first hand that quality writing can flow from a river of talk and collaboration. Just the thing our children need! We can’t wait to provide them with those crucial opportunities to ‘stand still’ in their busy worlds, becoming fully absorbed in their new exciting curriculum.

We are now the sat nav and our children are the drivers! So let’s provide those opportunities, lay those foundations, hook them in and then take them…Who knows where next?

Isn’t that a bit scary but also a bit exciting?

It most definitely is. Your colleagues are already doing some remakable things to enhance your children’s experiences, and learning opportunities. Thanks you, and well done ALL.

Here’s to more…

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