Grimes Dyke Primary School, Leeds ~ Day 1

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They say that “All roads lead to Rome”. Well, some of them roam to Leeds, so it is great to follow one of those lanes to Grimes Dyke Primary School. The first of two days, today with the staff from the school, and visiting colleagues from Ebor Gardens Primary School, Middlestown J&I School, Manston Primary School, Manston St James Primary Academy, Parklands County Primary School, St Teresa’s RC Primary School and Fieldhead Carr Primary School, then tomorrow the children will join us.

Grimes Dyke Primary School, a speech and language resource primary school, aims to integrate children with communication difficulties into mainstream education, with emphasis on ‘Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve’.

Thank you to Angela Beall, the school’s deputy head, for coordinating our visit. We met Angela a few years ago during training days in Leeds and again at the Leeds Wii Project. Angela explained that she has introduced some of the approaches discussed back then to colleagues and that they are using them very successfully. She now wants to spread the word wider, further, deeper, hence we’re back!

We are very excited about working with Tim and Sarah on 18th/19th November. At Grimes Dyke we have identified a gap between the attainment of boys and girls, particularly in writing and want to inspire our boys to become writers.

Having used technology in learning in my previous school I have seen the impact this can have on motivation and the desire to write. We used Myst 3 and 4 as a stimulus for many genres of writing.

There’s a beautiful house to sell, a mysterious skeleton to report the discovery of, a broken lift to write instructions for mending, precious rainforest trees to protect…the only limit is your creativity and imagination. Alongside the writing are purposeful opportunities for speaking and listening.

Children can be interviewed as experts in a variety of field, they can be in role as characters, they can present arguments and so on.

I know the approach that Tim and Sarah will introduce to us on the training days will inspire staff and have a real impact in school. We are looking forward to seeing motivated writers and higher standards.

Thanks also to headteacher, Louise Hill, for inviting us to her school. Here are some very special statements for the school website that explain the school’s mission:

We want our children to Aspire to be the best they can – to hope, to dream and to have ambition when they think about what they will do with their future lives and learning.

We know that everyone learns best when they Enjoy what they are doing and we want our children to get pleasure and satisfaction from their learning and success in school.

Naturally we want all of our children to Achieve the very best that they possibly can regardless of their ability or disability, gender, race or beliefs. We want them to feel successful and to have the ability to accomplish whatever they want.

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  1. Sam W says:

    Thanks for a really great day, full of ideas that I can’t wait to take back to the classroom.

  2. Angela Beall says:

    A big thank you to Tim and Sarah for sharing all the resources today and the practical ideas for use in the classroom. I want to try them all now! Can’t wait for tomorrow, our children are going to really enjoy the experience and I’m sure the staff will too. 🙂

  3. Zara Rodham says:

    Enjoyed a very inspiring day today with Tim and Sarah. Left with my mind full of ideas I can’t wait to share with the children. I am sure some of the techniques we discussed today will have a positive impact on the children’s enjoyment, enthusiasm and progress in writing.

  4. Sammy Morris says:

    Wonderful inspiring ideas that you can really use and apply within the classroom. You would never know about half of these things if you didn’t have this training!! Invaluable and I left the training so excited to try some of these ideas in class over the next few weeks!! One of the most useful training experiences of my career so far.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you Angela
    We really enjoyed today and are so looking forward to more, tomorrow, with the children
    Thank YOU too

  6. Louise Hill says:

    A truly inspirational day today welcoming Tim Rylands to speak to Team GD and colleagues from other local schools. Tim gave loads of practical ideas, tools and freebies to ensure everyone in the room took something away. His motivational approach and belief in children’s abilities is evident and I can’t wait to see him working alongside our children tomorrow.

  7. Tim says:

    Thank you Zara
    Glad you enjoyed it
    Keep in touch and let us know what you try out
    Thank you

  8. Tim says:

    Thanks Sammy
    Glad you found some useful things
    We’d love to hear what you try out

  9. Tim says:

    Thank you Louise
    We are looking forward to tomorrow too
    Keep in touch
    Tim and Sarah

  10. nicola says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah for all the amazing ideas today! I can easily say that it was the most inspirational course ive been on and definately the most fun, i think we laughed from start to finish, your enthusiasm is contagious. Looking forwards to making mini planets and exploring imaginary worlds just for fun as well as using the ideas to narrow the gap between boys and girls attainment and inspire our pupils. I’m sorry to miss the lesson tomorrow. Thanks again.

  11. Tim says:

    Thank you Nicola
    We’re sorry you won’t see tomorrow but look forward to finding out what YOU apply
    Glad you laughed AND found some useful things too
    Have fun!

  12. Joshua says:

    Motivational, innovative and inspiring; just some of the words to summarise the experience today. Thank you Tim and Sarah for making me feel more confident with using ICT in the classroom in a way that will really engage and excite the children.

  13. Janine Smith says:

    Thank you so much Tim and Sarah for a very inspirational day. There was so much to take on board, but thanks to the excellent delivery I already feel anything is possible. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we will be trialling it with the children. I can already anticipate their enthusiasm and can’t wait to see the impact it has on their Literacy skills. Thank you again!!!

  14. Kath says:

    Hi Tim thanks for a great day, I really enjoyed it. It was really inspirational and so many useful ideas and tips. Sorry I won’t be able to make day 2 but will look forward to hearing you again sometime in the near future. Thanks again.

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