Digitally Confident Conference, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

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An honour to be invited to present opening, and closing, sessions at the Digitally Confident Conference, organised by the team.

This CPD event, held at Gosforth Park Marriott Hotel, is for teachers and leaders from across the region and beyond, and aims at improving learner outcomes, making more effective use of resources and funding and inspiring teachers to be the best that they can be.

Fast paced, information and ideas rich workshops, delivered by a hand-picked group from UK’s education sector, designed to ensure teachers and leaders from all key stages gain maximum benefit from the event. This is an event for teachers and school leaders to be inspired and gain practical support in using communication technologies to engage all learners and raise learning outcomes.

The conference had five different areas of focus: creativity, confidence, collaboration, safety and research.

The Creativity strand got us all thinking about innovative ways to demonstrate young people’s understanding, learning and achievement

Addressing areas of Confidence, and developing students’ skills to ensure they can confidently embrace digital technologies, was something covered by many of the workshops too.

Identifying opportunities for young people to manage and experience collaboration with peers and the wider online communities, featured in many sections of the day.

In addition, aspects of effective research, and understanding the importance of developing critical digital literacies so accurate and meaningful learning can take place, were given a lot of thought.

Ensuring all young people develop and demonstrate strategies torespect the privacy and safety of themselves and others, flowed through everything we investigated, and was an element we kept high in our considerations, all day.

In the afternoon, everyone contributed to a Padlet gathering of ideas gathered through the day, and thoughts on how to share those things with colleagues back at school. Have a look HERE.

The Digitally Confident conference is “The greatest CPD opportunity in the region” with workshops led by some of the most respected teachers in the UK, all of whom are focussed on providing practical innovative and proven ideas and practice to enhance and extend teaching and learning in all key stages including supporting those teachers of students with social and additional needs.

This conference has been devised and managed by the digitally confident team Lianne, Philip and Simon:

  • Lianne McEvoy, the event and project manager, with a terrier like determination to ensure all elements of the event are the best they can be, including the unique, and amazing, “Night before the day after the night before” ~ a pre conference dinner like no other. An opportunity  for teachers to have fun and take part in learning conversations with all the speakers colleagues and commercial partners.
  • Philip Belcher, the immensly talented multimedia developer, who designed and created the programme website and all the conference materials.
  • Simon Finch, the NAACE impact award winner for leadership in the areas of digital citizenship and e~safety, has, through his online network, identified this amazing line up of speakers… all of whom have given  their time freely because they believe in what the digitally confident team wanted to provide.

As Simon said, it is the delegates who are the key to this remarkable event:

You the most important people here. You are the ones who can make the difference to so many young people’s lives and futures.

And, a BIG Thank You to the exhibitors. This conference has been possible through tbe sponsorship of each of the companies and as a testimony to the reputation of this event and for the first time we have had to tell some partners they are too late and we have no more room. This conference is a sell out!

Digitally confident should be your first choice for guidance and leadership in all areas of teaching and learning digital citizenship and esafety, if you are in the area. They are the only organisation who are working in and with schools every week in the region and beyond…

Last night, we also enjoyed The Night Before The Day After The Night Before, a quirky event gathering many of those contributing to the conference, for an evening of mirth, entertainment, and intriguing frivolity.

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  1. Ashleigh Lawrence says:

    Wow! Lots of inspiring ideas shared already and looking forward to trying out as many as possible back at school.

  2. Judith Liddle says:

    Have really enjoyed all the sessions so far. The keynote speaker was inspirational.

  3. A great introduction to the day! Really looking forward to your visit to our school tomorrow!

  4. Sam Blyth says:

    Can’t wait for the next session

  5. Elaine says:

    Day had been crammed full of amazing practical, inspirational and creative ideas that I can take straight back and use in my classroom – thanks 🙂

  6. Norman Barton says:

    Great CPD sessions today, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  7. Michelle OReilly says:

    Really loving today – feel really enthused and inspired – desperate to enthuse others to be digitally creative, confident and collaborative.

  8. Wendy says:

    Small school, no money but coming away with loads of ideas for free stuff – thanks!

  9. Rachel Orr says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah,

    Another ORRsome keynote. Great start to an amazing day. Love to magpie every time. There is always something new to learn, something new to try.

    My kids and staff are so excited about the next two days working with you in our school.

    Brilliant day!

  10. Chris Wilde says:

    Awesome Keynote this morning. Thoroughly inspired!!!! Excellent conference, great people and better ideas!

  11. Andrea Cain says:

    A great day with exciting and motivating workshops from blogging, and spelling challenges, writing digital stories to digital badges, to programming robots with Lego and finishing with programming the audience. Amazing brilliant and inspiring day!

  12. Wesley Byrne says:

    Great keynotes this morning… excellent info… so many resources in your presentation. Thanks.

  13. St Bede's Darlington says:

    Great day! Great ideas! Great brownies!

  14. Michael Tiplady says:

    Fantastic day at #ngconf.

    Wonderful keynote from Tim and excellent workshops from all speakers.

    Lots of laughs and nice food too.

  15. Sarah Trickey says:

    Word of the day is definitely inspirational! Fab conference- thank you!

  16. Aimee Alderson says:

    Thank you for a great day, full of ideas to use in the classroom and feel a bit more prepared for the new curriculum.

  17. Dave Cookson says:

    Excellent sessions Tim. Thanks for the inspirations.

  18. Bill Lord says:

    As ever, truly inspirational and thought provoking. So much for us to think about. Thanks Tim and Sarah

  19. Donna Callaghan says:

    Very inspiring day! Lots of great ideas. Thank you very much

  20. Lucy Laidler says:

    What an Inspiring day!!! Where do I start?

  21. mel easton says:

    Wow 🙂 some great speakers

  22. Adam says:

    Great keynote and conference. So much to take away, where do I start?

  23. Colin Talbot says:

    Brilliant event. Excellent keynote. Great speakers. Thank you.

  24. Sonia Herlingshaw says:

    Imagination overload, masses upon masses of useful, clever and just dam right fun ideas!

  25. A great day with time to listen, talk and reflect… and go away with bundles of ideas.

  26. Diane R says:

    Still buzzing… Awesome day with loads of ideas. So much content that I need to sift through everything and decide what to share with staff and kids! Don’t want to scare them all off!

  27. Bev says:

    Had a great day, loads to think about. Would love the list of links, thanks 🙂

  28. Jo Patton says:

    Days like this make you proud to be a teacher, and raise your benchmark!!! Thanks to everyone, especially the robots!

  29. Thanks for an inspiring day. Can’t wait to take a look at some of the websites. Looks like some of them can’t cope with the traffic as servers are down!

  30. Mike Carter says:

    Really enjoyedbthe key note Tim as usual inspiring and thoughtfully witty and erudite…..thank you

  31. Pauline Jackson says:

    Inspirational, 100mph,turbo charged day with so much to take away. Thank you.

  32. Gill Holborn says:

    Thank you – the enthusiasm is infectious – I hope I can share that with my colleagues back at school.

  33. Paula says:

    Fantastic day! Communication is key… today a lot was communicated. Thanks for sharing. X

  34. Dawn Scott says:

    A super end to a super day! I have commented again as the e-mail has not come through and I would love to receive the e-mail link as there were many fantastic ideas that I can’t wait to try.

  35. Helen Moore says:

    Great conference today lots and lots of fantastic ideas. I can’t wait to get bac into the classroom and use them.

  36. Thanks for today Tim. Left feeling enthused and inspired. Can’t wait to introduce all the new ideas to the rest of the staff.

  37. What a great start to the day. I came out of the Keynote totally inspired. It made me wish I was back in school and back in the classroom and it’s a long time since I felt like that. Thanks Tim.

  38. Elaine says:

    I had a fantastic day and I am looking forward to setting up a class blog. I really enjoyed the 3D printing and I am looking forward to passing on the ideas with colleagues tomorrow.

  39. Wendy says:

    Great day today. Brought back lots of information to share at school.
    Found Carol Allen very inspirational for SEN.

  40. Carol Allen says:

    Brilliant day – excellent input from keynote through to workshops! Loved it, many thanks for joining us in the North East!

  41. Tony says:

    Brilliant, one of the best and most informative courses I’ve attended. Lots of great things to share when i get back!

  42. Peter Hirst says:

    Great couple of presentations, fantastic ideas and inspiration. Thanks!

  43. S.Butler says:

    Great thought provoking day.
    Came away with a mind like a Spicy Node!
    Can’t wait to try some of the inspiring ideas.
    Entertaining keynote speech.

  44. Tim says:

    “A mind like a Spicy Node”
    What a joyous phrase
    Let us know what you try out

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