Holy Trinity Rosehill VA CE, Stockton-on-Tees ~ Day 1

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We have been very much looking forward to trip back to Stockton-on-Tees to spend two days at Holy Trinity Rosehill VA CE Primary School, with headteacher, Rachel Orr, the school staff and children and many additional from schools across the region.

Holy Trinity Rosehill uses blogs across the whole school from Nursery to Year 6 to engage children in meaningful writing and digital literacy skills.  They have their own dedicated blogging system and have been involved in some very exciting work with other classes around the world. This has also included work with authors, astronauts and environmentalists!

Today we had the pleasure of spending time with the pupils, staff and those visiting colleagues.

Thank you Rachel for sharing these thoughts on the background to our visit:

Why have we invited Tim into our school? What did we want? What did we need? WHY?

We are a blogging school! Why are we a blogging school? Writing is important to us. Writing is a priority for us in our school. Staff and governors have identified writing as a priority for us. How was this identified? Our external data for one showed us at writing is an area for improvement right throughout the school.

However, data is only one aspect and shouldn’t be the only reason that drives improvement. We have worked as a staff team to scrutinise our children’s writing and identify areas we feel needed further development. Some of these are driven by national curriculum needs such as SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and others are about inspiring our children to be writers.

We identified the need to improve the quality of our writing, engagement in writing, love of writing, creativity and imagination in writing and getting our kids ‘hooked’ with exciting ideas, stimulus and prompts.

Here we are, today and tomorrow, engaging children and staff to become excited writers by inviting Tim into our school.

Having met Tim at Durham’s ICT conference after following him on Twitter, I was inspired to want our children to experience what I had too. Tweets, emails and phone calls later made this a reality.

What joyous fun we had! Some remarkably confident, and competent, “imagineers” joined us on an experimental journey.

We tiptoed cautiously, and strode confidently, into unknown lands, and worlds of words. With a valiant group of nearly sixty year fives, and some brave colleagues mixed within the bunch, we set forth (and fifth) in to realms less trodden.

They picked up ideas, with great style, juggled with them, and reassembled them in to descriptive narrative of superb style.

In the afternoon, we headed off in to uncharted territories. Yesterday evening, we were enchanted to be given a gorgeous pine planter, by Billy and Margaret, a couple we spent time with on our travels in Turkey. Billy’s handiwork miraculously appeared, after a lot of guessing, wondering, intrigue and questioning, at the top of the, now familiar to many, spiral contraption.

In an instant, the tub became The Wishing Well of Wonders. The Year Two children, who had already written about their thoughts on their experiences in this mysterious location, then joyfully, inventively (and longingly) jotted down their hopes: hopes for the future; wishes for times ahead; yearnings for what might happen to them; and many magical dreams.

We will will share these with you when they have sparkled in to a more readable form. They were glORRious!

Thanks all at Holy Trinity Rosehill, for a wondrous “Day One”. More, much more, to follow tomorrow…

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  1. Rachel Orr says:

    An ORRsome mORRning here at Holy Trinity Rosehill VA CE Primary School. Amazing to observe the children totally engaged and inspired to be better writers.
    Well done Y5! You are fabulous!

    Ms Orr 😄

  2. Chris Gell says:

    What an amazing way to engage writers! The boys I worked with were engaged enthused. the opportunity to participate and write alongside the Children was an excellent way to explore the content and see the teaching in action.

  3. Lois Beshiri says:

    What a wonderful morning of writing with the delightful children of HTR. Such fantastic imaginations and enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and brought away lots of ideas to try in the classroom. I feel the need to shop for a pretty book now – I was a tad jealous of the lovely journals the children had!

  4. Nicola Richardson says:

    Thanks for a fantastic morning, very impressed with the enthusiasm of the children and their imaginations! Tim had them so engaged and eager to write, that I felt sorry for some of them when the session ended! Summed up by girl at next table who said ” Awww, do we have to stop? Can we not keep writing?”
    Looking forward to using a lot of these ideas back in school.

  5. Jos Thompson says:

    What a fantastic day! Imaginations well and truly fired up and I was amazed at the quality of writing it produced. Year 5 boys just did not want to stop writing – none of us did! I can’t wait for more tomorrow.

  6. Jackie Martin says:

    What a fabulous morning I had at HTR with some very inspired and enthusiastic children, thanks to Tim’s wonderful session. Here’s to tomorrow!

  7. Tim says:

    Thank you Jackie
    Let’s hope you get even more from day 2 😀

  8. Tim says:

    Didn’t they do well
    Thanks Jos
    Hope you get some digital ideas too

  9. Tim says:

    Thank you Nicola
    Hopefully we won’t be stopping
    Keep in touch

  10. Tim says:

    Thank you Lois
    Those books were a bit gorgeous weren’t they
    Ask Rachel where they came from maybe 😀

  11. Tim says:

    Thanks CHris
    Glad you found it useful
    Have fun with what you try…

  12. Tim says:

    Thank you Rachel
    You have a right to be very proud of your school, your children, and colleagues
    A fun day
    Here’s to tomorrow…

  13. Rachel Orr says:

    Year two children found a wishing well at the top!

    What did they wish for? What did they wish to be? How did they feel getting to the top?

    I felt amazed.
    I would like to see a fairy.
    I wish that I could be king.
    I would be a racing driver.
    I wish to be an angel.
    I want to be a ninja.
    I want to be a racing driver and be as fast as a shark.
    I wish I could bring dinosaurs back to life.
    I want to be a beautiful fairy so I get magic places.
    I wish all the dinosaurs were living.
    I want to hear the howl of a werewolf.
    I would like to take a heart stopping jump into the ocean below.
    I feel funny because my tummy hurts.
    I want a flying bike.
    I wish for a pet panda. I would feel surprised.
    I would like to be a dolphin jumping out of water.
    I feel very excited and dizzy.
    I wish I was Hello Kitty.
    I would like to be a policeman.
    I would like to be a meerkat in the Kalahari Desert.
    I want to be a cowgirl.

    And my own wish……

    I wish I could see people’s thought in think bubbles over their heads.

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