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Holy Trinity Rosehill VA CE, Stockton-on-Tees ~ Day 2

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Our second day at Holy Trinity Rosehill VA CE Primary School, an a chance to get all techno with the teachers. Over a hundred of them, gathered together for a dabble in the delights of digits.

We were joined by colleagues from Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy, Bear Park Primary, Northfield School and Sports College, Thornaby CofE Primary, Oak Tree Academy, St. John the Evangelist R.C. Primary, Lemington Riverside Primary, St. John the Baptist CofE Primary, Shotton Primary School, Egglescliffe School, St Gregory’s Academy, Hardwick Green Primary, Acre Rigg Academy, Christ the King Primary, Cotsford Juniors, Dean Bank Primary, Dormanstown Academy, Hartburn Primary, Ingleby Mill Primary, Junction Farm Primary, Kirklevington Primary, Mill Lane Primary, Pentland Primary, Seaham Trinity Primary, Westland Primary, Yohden Primary and Oasis – after school and day care. Continue Reading

Our Creative Writing Morning with Mr Rylands ~ Moonstone

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Thank you to Moonstone class, at Holy Trinity Rosehill, for their reflections on yesterday:

When we first met Mr Rylands, he said that his name was like dry land, minus the ‘D’.

We thought that this was funny and straight away began to look forward to the morning ahead of us.

As we walked into the hall, we saw the big screen with some sort of magical land displayed on it, we felt straight away that our imaginations were going wild and we wondered what was going to happen next…

An excitement began to build in us because of the amazing setting we were in.  The setting made us feel like we were in another world and we had no idea what to expect.

We were given books, but at first we were asked to answer questions about the setting, for example, what did it look like? What could we see? What would we imagine it to smell like?  Was the mountain covered in snow or icing sugar?  There was no wrong or right answer!  This was true because everyone can imagine something different, and as we compared our stories later that morning, we realised that everyone thought differently about the setting.

When we did the simile and metaphor game, we were told to say things in a different way, a different accent.  We had to do actions with it as well.

It helped us to learn the difference between a simile and a metaphor, for example we know a simile is like something, and a metaphor is something.

Our example of a metaphor is, ‘it is snowing icing sugar.’  Our simile is ‘The leaves are as  green as a crocodile.’ or The water was like a blue shining star!’

Then we were asked to begin writing down ideas from our imagination.  Looking at the setting, Mr Rylands moved the picture around.   We were asked if we wanted to go and explore, but first we had to describe the setting so that we could remember where we were.

We were allowed to write things in our own words, from our own imaginations.  We really enjoyed this as we were free to write down whatever we wanted from our own ideas.  Nothing was wrong as it was our own thoughts.

Using the setting, it was keeping us interested, as we wanted to find out what was  over the bridge, and in the building beyond.  We were disappointed that we ran out of time because we were excited to find out more and we wanted to see who the lady was in the next building.  We didn’t want it to end, and when we arrived back in the class, we wanted to keep writing our own story.

We then listened to each others stories and were able to steal ideas from each other.  Our class call this magpying.

Overall,  we had so much fun and when we have to do writing we would like an interactive setting as this helped to inspire us and give us great ideas.

Thank you Mr Rylands and Sarah for a brilliant day!