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| November 27, 2013 | 0 Comments 

Chatzy is a free private chat service which you can use to communicate with people you already know or people who visit your blog or website. With Chatzy you can create a chatroom and send out email invitations very quickly and easily. No registration is required. Chatzy is free and has no popup ads. It works on all major browsers, and has a mobile version.

Useful for meetings, lessons over distance, and recording a conversation between multiple people.

Any way of interacting, socially, requires careful consideration. Chatzy considers this and sessions can be organised so that only those who you want to contribute, can.

There are three ways to set up chats: allow those who know the address, allow only those who’s emails have been confirmed, or only registered users who have received an email invitation for the room or been added manually to the visitor list.

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