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Simple is an interesting utility. It’s like a big white board. Double click to create an item.

A text input box will open. Type and press [enter] key when done. Press the [Tab] key to create a branch. Then start typing to edit. Simple and easy. Could be useful in planning, gathering ideas, or even presenting. Give it a go.

The Inspire Federation, Coventry ~ Day 1

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The first of two days at Walsgrave Church of England Primary, today with Y6 & Y2 pupils, their teachers & colleagues.

Thank you to Rob Darling, Walsgrave’s Headteacher and Paul Griffin, Head teacher of Clifford Primary for coordinating our two days here with. This day has been a long time in the planning. We are working alongside the schools in The Inspire Federation, today and tomorrow.

Today had an analog emphasis. We set forth, with scribbly sticks, in to the world of words. Joined by 48 Year Six voyagers, we …went virtually nowhere. In a geographical sense that is. In terms of inventiveness, descriptive narrative, and playing with words, we travelled many miles. Our ideas were set free to wander, whilst we stood still, in an intriguing landscape, desperate to move, yet rooted to the spot. Continue Reading