Reel ~ Online presentations with vote feedback

| November 29, 2013 | 0 Comments 

ReelApp creates a very simple, and quick, way of creating slideshows that you can share with others, for free.

With Reel, getting your ideas out there and polling your audience is like shooting fish in a barrel. Just cast out your line of slides and they’ll bite in no time!

Reel posts your preso behind a unique URL. Your audience only needs a web browser to view your show where and when they are ready. Your audience won’t have to wait for a file download or open any other software. Once you’ve got your audience on the hook, they’ll be able to give you their impression of your ideas. Thumbs up for the ones they love; thumbs down, they’re not feelin’ it. You’ll get a summary page showing the total number of responses to each slide. Gone fishin’!

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