The Inspire Federation, Coventry ~ Day 2

| November 29, 2013 | 5 Comments 

After a day of analog adventures yesterday, we got all digital in the form of an INSET at Walsgrave Church of England Primary, with visiting colleagues from neighbouring schools: Clifford Bridge Primary School, Grangehurst Primary, Gosford Park Primary, Wyken Croft Primary, Finham Primary, Sir Frank Whittle Primary, Templars’ Primary, Parkgate Primary School, St Osburgs Catholic Primary, Hollyfast Primary and Stivichall Primary.

We were blessed to be joined by NAO the robot, and John Pinkney, of the ICT Development Service, of Warwickshire County Council, and

We have shared the stage with Nao at the BETT Arena, and it is a delicious honour.

Nao is a real charmer, and draws the oohs and ahhs. John and Nao gave us just a glimpse in to the incredible potential for getting across elements of programming to children of all ages, and abilities, in creative and inventive, engaging ways.

Paul Griffin, Head Teacher at Clifford Bridge Primary School, shared these thoughts:

Kim, Rob and I have been fortunate to listen to you on a number of occasions over the last 18 months but knew that our teachers would benefit from listening to you and seeing at work. It is quite some time that Kim and I arranged to get you to come to visit our school – it must be 14 months since we spoke about the idea initially.

In terms of School Improvement Planning, for a number of years writing has appeared to feature on somewhere on our plans for development. We have found it challenging to raise attainment in writing consistently over the years and are always looking for ways to improve what we do. Naturally, we are keen for our teachers to learn more about what they can try in the classroom and how they can promote writing – engaging all children if possible.

We understand that using Myst is a fraction of what you can talk to us about. I am most excited about you showing the staff just what is out there – readily available on the internet, free and easy to use. It is this part of your work that I feel the staff will find immediately useful and am looking forward to seeing some of this used in classroom after you leave us.

A big thank you Paul, and to Kim Docking Executive Headteacher for the Inspire Federation; Rob Darling, Headteacher at Walsgrave, and all of our colleagues over the last two days, both big and small.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Kieran and I really enjoyed today. Some really useful resources, especially the use of panoramic photos to aid writing. This will help to bring our classrooms to life, through the magic and wonder of the real and virtual World. A great insight of how to use ICT software to inspire children of all ages! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you Sarah and Kieran, for taking the time to comment. We are so pleased you found some of the resources useful. Our advice is to take one thing, so, as you suggest, maybe the panoramas for support your children’s speaking, listening and writing. Let us know how it goes. Sarah and Tim

  3. Scott Wilson says:

    This has been an amazing day! As an NQT, I need plenty of ideas for my lessons – yesterday and today have supplied these in huge quantities! I will definitely be using Myst for thinking about settings and atmosphere, but I will also be utilising the no hands up and trying my Year 4 class out with offering suggestions and taking turns without me asking. I also love the idea of sitting among the class and being quiet and letting them talk.
    Thank you!

  4. Dean Thompson says:

    Many thanks for a great day of inspirational ideas that can inspire children and adults!
    I particularly liked the comments about us giving children enough time to wait and develop their ideas and, possibly make mistakes!
    Another idea that resonated with me was asking children to tell the teacher what they have learnt sometimes rather than routinely sharing the learning intention.
    Thanks for sharing some great apps, websites with ideas that I am sure will motivate children from all ability groups. I can’t wait to I develop some of the ideas in school.
    Very timely as we start to look as a school at the new curriculum.

  5. Jaclyn says:

    Really enjoyed today! Thank you for all the brilliant ideas.. I think my weekend will be spent playing myst! A great purchase and look forward to the discussion I get from it with my class followed by multi modal writing frames! Thank you for a great day!

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