Still flying, at Kingfisher School

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We were blessed to work alongside the teachers, & children of Kingfisher Primary School, in Doncaster, and Nathan Atkinson, their head teacher. Nathan has been kind enough to keep in touch, and share some of the things that followed on from our visit.

I thought about you today when I was doing a lesson observation today. It was a lesson you would have been proud of! It contained so many great aspects that were a result of the training you provided for us just over two years ago!

There was open talk, QR codes, video clips, audio samples, truly effective questioning with quality thinking time given for children to respond and role play.

Although your input was delivered such a long time ago it is great to see so many of the ideas that you shared being used so effectively to inspire learning (I also check in on your blog weekly to pick up and share new ideas for the staff).

Yesterday I observed a Y1 maths lesson and saw a pre recorded Alien Morfo being used to question the children about odd and even numbers, the children were so engaged! Just one more… This afternoon I used telegami to produce my end of concert speech for the Christmas productions (this may sound like a cop out and a lack of the “personal touch” but I will still be there in person!)

We were inspected in October and moved from Satisfactory to Good in all areas (we almost got outstanding for behaviour!). We will continue in our drive to achieve outstanding!

I enjoyed seeing your China photos, I visited last October and as a result have set up a partnership with a school in Dalian. Two colleagues made a trip over this October, in fact your paths almost crossed! We have a member of staff from our sister school working with us this year and we are teaching Mandarin to children in Y2 and Y3!

Well that’s enough for now, remember to check our school website for more of our news, we passed 100,000 visitors today (in just under 2 years).

Nathan Atkinson – Headteacher
Kingfisher Primary School
Coventry Grove

Thank you Nathan, and well done indeed for your OFSTED steps too. Outstanding is well within the grasp of the Kingfisher team, too. Great to hear that you’re all still bringing some great magic in to your learning experiences. Keep in touch.

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