Belle Vue Primary School, Wordsley, Dudley ~ Day 1

| January 6, 2014 | 20 Comments 

What a fun way to start the new year: A two day visit to Belle Vue Primary School, Wordsley, Dudley, in the West Midlands, joined by colleagues from Leamore Primary, Moorlands Primary, Mount Pleasant Primary, Queen Victoria Primary, Glynne Primary, Fairhaven Primary, Blanford Mere Primary, Brierley Hill Primary and Greenfield Primary.

Thank you to Dave Porter, head teacher, and his colleagues for a day of digital delights galore. The staff at Belle Vue Primary, and the visiting schools here today, are already do some remarkable things to give their children a rich and broad learning life. We experimented with a vast amount of ways to bring their curriculum yet more pizzzzazz.

Belle Vue is a delightful 2 form primary school in pleasant surrounding which provides an excellent education for all of its pupils.

It was built thirty years ago as separate junior and infant schools but amalgamated into one primary school in 1984; the Nursery was added two years later. Although they operate in three buildings, there is a strong team of well qualified staff who work together to care for every pupil.

The school has over 420 pupils on roll with a children’s centre attached to the school building. In the last 18 months the school has seen a noticeable increase in numbers with pupils from neighbouring schools moving to Belle Vue Primary.

Dave Porter shares that “the school is constantly striving to actively engage its pupils through exciting and appealing curriculum ‘topics/themes’.  These have included Robin Hood and work linked to our partnership school (Bakau Newtown) in the Gambia.

In the past 12 months, year 6 teachers have used the Myst computer game to develop writing through a variety of genres.  This has included creating a blog site and sharing this work with schools nationally and globally”.

Yes ~ our visit follows some extended contact with the school through an ex-colleague of theirs, Tom Holder, who joined us today. Y6 got their classes flying through some Myst inspired experiences, entitled Magic Mystery and Mayhem. They came up with a huge range of text types, from expressive descriptive narrative, through to letters and brochures, and more. We celebrated their work here & here. Creative.

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  1. Dave Porter says:

    Great morning with Tim and Sarah-loads of ideas and ICT tools to use.
    Looking forward to the afternoon!!

  2. Debbie harper says:

    A fantastic inset with Tim and Sarah – so much to try can’t wait to get going!!!

  3. Claire Henderson says:

    Day 1 of our Tim Rylands visit and having a wonderful time. I am sure the children will be as inspired as we are when working with Tim tomorrow.

  4. Sarah Remmers says:

    My mind is fully blown!!

  5. Emma Stevenson says:

    A wonderful day with lots of ideas to take back to the classroom. Lots of useful tips given on the Locked Page, for all the things that I didn’t have the chance to write down during the day! Huge thanks to Tim and Sarah!

  6. Danusia Sowka says:

    Great day! Very enjoyable and useful. Thank you Tim and Sarah.

  7. Naomi says:

    I would like to say a huge thank you to Tim and Sarah for an inspiring day! I have plenty of new material to take away and use to engage and enrich the children with. I’m hoping they will be as enthusiastic as I am with the resources and software! Thanks!

  8. Angela and Louise says:

    Lots of great ICT ideas to stimulate and inspire children’s learning!

  9. Jill Cadman says:

    Fantastic day, with some super ideas and links to resources that I can’t wait to use with the children.
    Thank you Tim and Sarah

  10. Jo Elwell says:

    Fantastic inset – thanks to Tim and Sarah .
    Loads of resources that can be used in the classroom.

  11. Claire Davies says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah for a fantastic day. I really can’t wait to see the children in action tomorrow.

  12. Andrea says:

    What a fantastic day! THANK YOU.
    Can’t wait to get started on some of the beautiful resources that you have shown us today. Looking forward to working with you tomorrow.

  13. Jo Vickers says:

    What an amazing day! It was like a late Christmas hamper, packed with oodles of goodies. Super, smashing, great. Thanks very very much.

  14. Tom Garner says:

    Some fantastic ICT ideas – things to take back to school and use with the children. Lots of ideas to incorporate into lessons and lesson planning.

  15. Helena Young says:

    An extremely inspiring day. I am amazed at the fantastic resources that are out there and I am blown away by the inventive ways of using them. ( Stan was but one of my favourites) Can’t wait to see them being put into action.
    Many many thanks.

  16. Will says:

    What a wonderful day. Not only did I learn a great deal and logged some great ideas to use in my classroom but I also became a pickpocket, met a wife, got married and had a pickpocket baby. Pretty good work for a single day! I am looking forward to showing my colleagues the resources and tools I have seen but most of all I am looking forward to sharing them with my children. Thanks so much!

  17. Dan Taylor says:

    An absolutely fantastic day! I feel inspired and confident using the amazing ICT ideas to hook the children. I cannot wait share these with my children and see their enthusiasm for learning increase.

  18. Carol Green says:

    What an inspiring day! Looking forward now to trying some new ideas with my Year 3 class.

  19. Jon Turley (RM) says:

    Just what the doctor ordered on the first day back after Xmas! A truly inspiring day – full of genuinely usable resources and delivered in a fabulously fresh and invigorating manner! When you talk to Tim and Sarah, they always say it’s not about them. I understand what they’re saying; it’s the process that the central theme. And it’s a fantastic process that really works. BUT, the messages all get through so well because Tim and Sarah are so engaging and fun to be with. The happy environment is infectious – everyone had such a good time, and picked up loads of great ideas they could use with children of all ages. A big thanks to Dave Porter and all staff present for sharing this great day with me.

  20. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Jon. Thank you for a beautiful comment. It is really appreciated. All the very best to you and the very lucky people you spend time with. Hppe we meet again, Tim and Sarah

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