Oakridge Primary School, Staffordshire ~ Day 2

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After a fast paced whiz, through a huge collection of digital delights, yesterday, we slowed the speed a little, but kept the pace, in some more analog explorations of the wonder of words, at Oakridge Primary School, in Staffordshire.

We started the day with sixty Year Five and Year Six children and their teachers. A delightful bunch to travel with! And travel we did. Not in a geographical sense but in the realm of metaphor, personification, simile, alliteration, descriptive flow and ebb. No attention needed, we WERE here- reference continual, humour balanced and mature – deference continual. A lovely journey.

Our afternoon was a delight, alongside the children from the Reception class. What a group! They were so up for all the challenges, and really went for it on so many levels. We had a balanced argument with a four year old! Well done, indeed, all!

A gorgeous day, and thank you, to the staff, for these very special comments:

Emma and Helen said: We have had an inspirational morning once again, and have been given so many different resources and ideas to use with the children. The children were so enthusiastic and captivated in their learning through the use of MYST where they talked about and used powerful similes and metaphors to enhance their language. The vocabulary the children were producing was stunning and couldn’t believe some of their responses, especially from children who would normally not want to share their learning! The use of questioning worked powerfully, and was enhanced by the use of blooms questioning dice, this made the children think more deeply about the questions asked an in return the responses given. The use of translating was also a good skill taught today, some children struggled to grasp this concept initially, but once they had a practised they flew with it! The smiles on the children’s faces said it all from this morning, they really enjoyed it. The children left this morning ‘hooked’ wanting to find out more – what was behind the door? I will be incorporating these learning resources and skills with my children in my classroom in order to take their enjoyment and enthusiasm of learning further.

Liz comented: I really enjoyed the session. I am a specialist art teacher at Oakridge and am really inspired by the focus on the imagination. This is an area in art that I don’t do enough of but realise that it engages the boys in particular. I could see the boys increased engagement in Tim’s session and am looking to use some of the ideas in my art lessons to produce art from the imagination which also includes descriptive text, poetry etc.

Katie shared: How fantastic to see so many engaged boys!! They were completely enthralled by the inspirational setting, Myst 4, which has resulted in thoughtful, quality pieces of writing, which we are so excited to follow up in the coming days. One quiet, reluctant writer of ours was chosen to share his work with the others and he is standing 2 inches taller already… and half an hour later, he is offering ideas freely in front of the whole group of over 60 children. To be able to sit and experience the children talking and learning, was fantastic…and I my own attempt wasn’t bad either!! Thank you so much! An inspirational couple of days!

Emma and Sarah said:  A super session which built on our existing ‘no hands policy’, therefore allowing the children to freely share their thoughts and ideas. It was great to see some of the more reluctant writers proud of their contributions and to feel the collaboration within the room without any fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

Penny and Nik said: Some inspirational ideas yesterday put into practice today. It was wonderful to see how the visuals captured the children’s imagination and inspired more creative thoughts with their writing and illustrations. To see Reception children so captivated and showing such enthusiasm to write was just magical. Thank you to Tim and Sarah for giving us many ideas to further engage our children and maximise their learning experience at school. Keep up the good work guys!

Gemma and David comented: What an insightful and inspiring learning experience! A huge Thank you to Tim and Sarah for the wealth of ideas, creativity and teaching strategies that motivate and engage pupils of all ages. As Reception class teacher it was magical to see our children so enthused and captivated by the teaching session – the breadth of rich language and talk for writing was amazing! Every child was eager to not only share their ideas but also to write their ideas down. Their writing was certainly ‘Floating on a sea of words’ inspired by Tim’s session based on the MYST 3 software. There were many key elements of the session which also stood out to us including, ‘think pace, not haste!’ – allowing the children time to reflect and absorb their learning. Further strategies include the ‘Coffee Cup’, ‘Mr Walker’, and articulation of thoughts. Holistically, an enriching and inspirational experience for staff and children alike.

Laura & Jane commented:  You had them hook, line & sinker from the first few moments brimming with enthusiasm and excitement. Inspired by the powerful stimulus the children amazed and delighted us with the most imaginative and deep responses. In a class of four and five year olds the level of thinking was something to behold. The responses were varied and bursting full of the most elaborate details that flowed with ease. As the session came to an end the children were far from finished with their learning. Thank you for another fantastic day that has yet again inspired us no end!

Jasmine/Alison thought:  A truly captivating afternoon session spent with the Reception class who shared thoughts and ideas based on the game Myst. Strategies that we thought were particularly effective included the method used to encourage the children to listen to other responses as well as putting forward their own ideas in order to develop their understanding. This allowed the children to bounce their ideas off each other.
Giving a ‘ripple’ of applause was an effective way to draw the attention of the children and offer praise. The language and phrases used such as “I don’t want to just hear the title of your idea” encouraged the children to expand on their answers. The use of gestures, nods and a patient attitude had a huge impact on the quality and flow of the session. Avoiding the use of ‘erm’ before the children responded allowed them to share precise answers. The opportunity to sit with the children and become involved with the writing and thought process was an effective way to model expectations. Another truly inspirational afternoon that has left both the staff and children with a positive spirit and eager to implement approaches within our own practice. Once again, a huge thank – you for visiting our school! It has been a joy!!

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