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| January 15, 2014 | 1 Comment 

Today sees the launch of Operation War Diary – a new citizen history project that needs your help to transcribe regimental diaries which describe events in the lives of British soldiers during the First World War. To get involved visit the site and follow the short tutorial.

We have mentioned the excellent Zooniverse projects before. This latest one offers some poignant glimpses in to life at a difficult time for our planet, and provides some excellent learning opportunities, alongside the chance to make a real contribution to the historical archives.

These diaries contain the thoughts and observations of soldiers on the Western Front.

They detail the location, movement and everyday activities of hundreds of thousands of individuals whose stories are otherwise unknown to us. With 15 million pages to go through, there are many amazing stories lying in these documents, waiting to be read.

By tagging people, places, and more on Operation War Diary.org you can help their team of historians to begin to reconstruct the lives of the First World War for future generations.

This is an incredibly important project and they’re very excited to be working with The National Archives and the Imperial War Museum to make it happen. Maybe your students can join in too.

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