Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Voluntary Academy, Nottingham ~ Day 1

| January 16, 2014 | 1 Comment 

Today we have had the pleasure of spend the first of two days at Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Voluntary Academy, (BRW) Nottingham. The school is an outstanding one form entry school situated in the city of Nottingham with 249 children on role.

What a joyous day! Joined by some remarkable teachers, and inventive children, we set forth for joyous journeys in the world of words. Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Voluntary Academy already do some remarkable things with their children. We were startled by the polite, yet sparky, way the children greeted us, right from the front door, and then took part in our challenges in humorous, yet respectful, imaginative, ways.

Standards are already very high across the school, so it was fun to look at how we could extend that even further. Key Stage 2 data indicates the school is in the top 250 schools in the country for value added. Developing a growth mindset and building learning power is the foundation for all learning and teaching throughout the school. A rich and varied learning environment provides children with quality learning experiences and enables them to achieve their full potential, developing as lifelong learners: people who value learning, see it as an empowering activity and actively collaborate in the learning process.

The writing produced was breathtaking; view some examples of their blogs from these links: Mystery World, Village, Orchestra of birds,

The standard of talk, questioning, and thinking, were amazing too. BRW has an atmosphere of supportive wonder-ing. Awe and wonder abound in what they share together. Even their chickens are blessed, as well, to be in such an environment.

Laughter and humour ran through the sessions today, but always behind some superb quality speaking and listening, and collaboration. Well done all

A huge THANK YOU to Luisa Maylard-Mason, Year 6 teacher, SENCO and ICT Coordinator, for coordinating our visit, and to, headteacher Mrs Anita Blake, for the invitation and making us so welcome.

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  1. Luisa MM says:

    What a refreshing and inspiring day. It was wonderful to see the children so animated and ready to share their ideas. I will definitely be using the argument stick in future.

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