Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Voluntary Academy, Nottingham ~ Day 2

| January 17, 2014 | 8 Comments 

Our second day at Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Voluntary Academy, Nottingham, today an INSET with all the staff and visiting colleagues from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Matlock, The Becket School, St Mary’s Catholic Primary, St Thomas Catholic Primary, St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary, Our Lady and St Edward’s Catholic Primary, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Ollerton and St Augustine’s Catholic Primary.

A fun and rewarding day of sharing, exploring and developing ideas.

Thank you again to Luisa Maylard-Mason, Y6 teacher, SENCO and ICT Coordinator for recording her thoughts here:

Although standards are high, we are always trying to enhance and improve provision to keep up with the challenges of the ever changing digital age.  We have iPads for every classroom and touch screen laptops in the ICT suite to ensure children have the best technology available to enhance their learning and increase their motivation to learn.

Having taken part in some excellent iPad training at the start of the year, Tim and Sarah’s visit will be a fantastic opportunity for the staff to stop and take time to reflect on how much they are already doing to motivate their learners and also to find more ways of inspiring children to write creatively and with passion.

We are on an extremely exciting journey this year, ‘The Year of the Story Teller’.  The whole school is involved in writing their own story throughout the year.  Children take home their class story sacks to be inspired and add to a continuous class story.

We have a range of visits and visitors planned to enhance the children’s experience, giving them motivation to write.  We have embraced blogging this year and see the value in giving children a real audience for their writing.  Motivating children in all areas is very important to us and our staff are always looking for new ideas.  We are all up for it and ready to go with it!

Some staff have already seen Tim in action at the Cheltenham Literacy Festival.  They returned to rave about his inspiring approach and great ideas.  This training will enhance our current provision and give us an opportunity to see Tim working with and alongside children to inspire their writing.

We know the value of ICT and how it can be used to enable children – We now want to know more!

Thanks again to headteacher Mrs Anita Blake and her colleagues for their enthusiasm and grace throughout the day.

Well done all, for your company, and your “up-for-it-ness-nicity”. Thinking about the tools, yes, but, more importantly than that, how these things, (many of them not designed to be used in an education context) could be used to enhance learning even more. Some more inventive thought today, like the imaginative ideas from the children yesterday. Thanks again.

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  1. F.Byrne says:

    Great day, so many ideas!! Can’t wait to start. Thanks Tim & Sarah

  2. Georgina says:

    We are officially INSPIRED and very much ready to get cracking!

  3. Luisa F says:

    INSPIRED! Cannot wait to get going! There is so much I’d like to try and more importantly, so much I know the children will love to try and be inspired by!

    First stop, Padlet!!

    Thank you Tim and Sarah! We’re ready and raring to go!!

  4. Cara says:

    Brilliant two days of inspirational tools for writing – looking forward to tweeting, quadblogging and much more with our pupils!

  5. Judith says:

    Thanks for a fantastic two days of training. Yesterday, it was a joy to watch the children of Blessed Robert Widmerpool being inspired to talk and write by Tim. Today, my head is full to bursting with great ideas to use ICT to INSPIRE writing. I feel as if I could use all the ideas next week, but I will STAND STILL and limit myself, for now, to using a panorama from another part of the world to engage the children. Laughter and learning, enjoyment leading to excellence these will be my abiding memories of two days with Tim Rylands.

  6. Michael Geraghty says:

    Not many courses inspire me to do follow up on a Friday night!! Thanks for a really interesting, fun and practical day. Thanks also to all at Blessed Robert Widmerpool for the great hospitality.

  7. Joanne says:

    A very inspiring and engaging INSET day coming from a final year trainee teacher. The ideas demonstrated were not just innovative and creative, but made very clear that they are completely ‘do-able’ within the classroom. This inspirational teaching resulted in some truly magical learning taking place and I cannot wait to have my own class to try out the ideas myself!

  8. Anita Blake says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful two days. The first day with our children and staff is one I will cherish. Everyone was engaged and inspired. You held the children spellbound for so long and the sound of laughter filled our hall. The second day was equally inspiring – although at the end my head was frazzled!!! We are eager to get on and are positively sizzling with excitement!

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