New Milton Infant School, Hampshire ~ Day 2

| January 21, 2014 | 0 Comments 

Following yesterday’s whole school INSET, today we were joined by the child at New Milton Infant School, in Hampshire.

Well done, to all of the staff who joined us, for getting down to it with the valiant bunch of years twos who travelled with us through the world of words. Mucking in, modelling, and trying every challenge, at the same time as their charges.

All of our New Milton colleagues demonstrated a superb approach to the element that “Writing shouldn’t be something ‘we’ inflict upon ‘them’, whilst ‘we’ head off and do something else, or go in to ‘hover mode’ and ‘help'”. Everybody went for it!

Getting stuck, and moving forward, alongside children, can make a difference ~ letting children know their writing is valued, and is important, “understanding” the difficulties, and celebrating the successes, is in itself important. It will make a difference. It can have an impact on how we are feeling, now, and in the future experiences of putting pencil to paper, if we can all tackle the difficulties, and delight in overcoming them, together.

Discovering that everybody struggles from time to time, but that you can do it, that it does work and is satisfying, has to be captured and celebrated. The excitement of writing is contagious.

In that remarkable moment when writing no longer is an issue – it can be possible to have the urge to write all day and celebrate it ~ enjoying the feel of words on the tongue. Trapping that feeling. Recording it so that others can experience that joy. The excitement of trying out expressive language.

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