Swedish Educators in London for BETT Week 2014

| January 23, 2014 | 6 Comments 

Today we were joined by many Swedish teachers, at The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch. These colleagues are visiting London, during BETT week.

There is a huge, and accessible, range of digital, and analogue, ways to engage, and motivate students of all ages, and abilities.

We shared SO many online opportunities, to extend learning, that they might have popped. At the same time, though, we stressed that is also important to take your time, choose carefully, & take your time when using them.

Jonas Hammargren shared these thoughts on the Swedish visit to London and BETT:

We are traveling with almost 300 people from Sweden. Teachers, principals, politicians and people who care about schools.

They all have different ICT backgrounds, some have one to one, other classrooms: just PCs, and some ~ almost no technology.

But, they all are here to learn, get inspired and take home new thoughts and ideas for how to take their school to the next level ~ 2.0.

Caperio helps schools with both delivering the product but mostly with the pedagogy work around how to use the technology in the classroom.

Thank you to Jonas, Angelica Hedin, and all of their colleagues, for joining us on a fast paced whizz through just some of the possibilities out there. Enjoy your BETT week and beyond.

And a special thank you to Angelica for looking after us so beautifully.

(Oh, and look out for some of the delegates’ Elsies below, like a Selfie but of someone else, when they are not looking.)

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  1. Nathalie says:

    Thank you for an amazing presention. I need a week off from work to test those websites, apps…

  2. Gisela says:

    Thanks for a an amazing presentation. It really wore me out and left me witout beeing able to take in much more. That means that it was really good.

  3. Adam Arbiv says:

    Dear Tim. And Sara!
    I was impressed by the way you could keep yourself up-to-date in all that technology AND implement it in an educational way in classrooms! That is what students wish for. Communication in their own language – and information in a technology they can relate to. It took me a few minutes after your fascinating lecture- to absorb how fantastic it was! Thank you – and I wish that someone in Sweden would pick up the glove and invite you to share your knowledge and enthusiasm for education in a technological world – combined with IRL!

  4. Cathrine says:

    Mindblowing…. :)!! Thank you for a very refreshing and interesting lecture.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback Adam
    Keep in touch
    See you in Sweden some time maybe
    Tim and Sarah

  6. Angelica Hedin says:

    Tim and Sarah,

    Thank you so so much for an amazing presentation! Or rather, an amazing experience!

    See you in Sweden!


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