Victoria Junior School, Workington, Cumbria ~ Day 1

| January 27, 2014 | 4 Comments 

A slightly diluted trip (oh, the joys of the English weather system) up to the incredible scenery of Cumbria, for the first of two days alongside Pauline Robertson, her colleagues, and children, at Victoria Junior School, Workington.

The school has been really inventive, to organise a day of lessons alongside the pupils from Year 5/6, and those from Year 2, but to enable a day, tomorrow, with just the staff, whilst the school continues.

Mysterious! Fabulous! Amazing! Intriguing!


Just some of the words used by the children to explain how they felt about where we went in these virtual worlds. Discovering new routes, observing the scenery and predicting what could come next, all adds to the fantasy that is – a journey through the world of words. Children feel empowered by the freedom to use their imagination so wildly, and as there is no emphasis on spelling, (at this point in the process) even the less confident children let theirs minds wander freely.

Our aim is to incorporate numerous mind friendly learning strategies in to these sessions, and the results, with these children, were outstanding. The children produced original and imaginative writing, which sometimes exceeded their own expectations! Something within the fantasy land draws children in, and encourages writers of all abilities to describe and explain their feelings. Well done all today at Victoria Junior, and the children from Victoria Infants ~ you did SO well, and with great style, and a huge, lovely amount of humour. It was a joy to “teach” you (or learn alongside you), and we look forward to finding out what the next land holds in store for you…and your teachers.

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  1. Steve Breeze says:

    Keen to try out some great ideas. Great pictures of adults and children writing together.

  2. Danielle says:

    The children really enjoyed themselves today and were enthused to write some fantastic story ideas.

  3. Rebecca Lewis says:

    The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait to blog about it on our class blog!

  4. Rebecca Lewis says:

    A link to our class blog by one of the boys that joined the workshopin the morning.

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