22nd Annual West Sussex Primary Leadership Conference – Deputy & Assistant Headteachers

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Another fast paced whiz, down the country, to The Arora Hotel, Crawley, West Sussex for the 22nd Annual West Sussex Primary Leadership Conference, today with Deputy & Assistant Headteachers.

We finished the day with a keynote entitled “Tech To Inspire”! This digital world, when mixed with the analogue, brings such potential for communication. Technology is not the only answer… but, it does open up some remarkable opportunities, to extend teaching and learning styles.

After showing an accessible, range of ways to engage, and motivate students of all ages, and abilities, we reinforced how these elements are not only essential for quality learning experiences to take place, but how they can also have a massive impact on standards, achievement… and enjoyment!

Our hats come off to deputies ~ they work so very hard even though it could be really difficult to maintain enthusiasm when you are drowning in age related targets, outcomes and reports etc but, it is so exquisite when you allow yourself to believe in magical worlds and open your mind to the possibility that crazy creatures could exist, look beyond the realms of reality, live a little and inspire. For some, the whole idea of going into the teaching profession was to fuel thoughts, explore ideas and make children want to learn. How great it was, to be joined by a group of folk who, even though they are now in positions of responsibility, are passionate about enhancing learning in inventive ways. Well done all.

Other speakers, today, included John West-Burnham, Professor of Education Leadership; Jonathan Lear – Teacher & Education consultant; Jonothan Neelands- Professor of Creative Education, Warwick Business School. University of Warwick; Heather Luxford – Leading Teacher; Julian Rose – Headteacher; Helen Drummond – Deputy Headteacher; David McKeown-Webster – Leading Teacher; James Garner – PE & Community Sport Development Leader, & Cathy Atkinson – School  Governor; Susan Bolton and Tina Kear – Leading Teacher.

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