The Rofft Primary School, Marford, Wrexham ~ Day 1

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A full on day with the Foundation Phase folk at The Rofft Primary School, Wynnstay Lane, Marford, Wrexham.

A morning with the Year 2 class, their teachers and visiting colleagues focusing on talk and writing, an afternoon with the teaching staff looking at a plethera of tech that can enhance, support and develop the remarkable things the school already does, even further, and then an evening with the Y3/4 pupils and their parents. The schools joining us are: Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, Barkers Lane School, Cornist Park School, Bronington V.A.P. Primary, Ysgol Emmanuel, St Mary’s Aided School, Overton, Ysgol Maes y Llan, Ysgol Heulfan, Ysgol Acrefair, Southdown Primary, Ysgol Owen Jones, Cefn Mawr County Primary, Trelawnyd VA School, Shotton Infants, Old School Lane Centre, Ysgol Maes Y Mynydd, Holt Primary, Rhosddu Primary, Broughton Primary and Madras Wrexham.

In a planning and mind mapping session in the afternoon, we also looked more closely at the actual activities you can do with children, across the age range in a primary school, based on visual literacy, to raise “standards” and levels of creativity- then we investigated a whole range of other tools, techniques and methods of stretching things even further.

It is important, when using these immersive, virtual worlds, that we don’t slip into vocabulary and thoughts such as:

“If you WERE here, what could you see…” or “What can you see on the board” or “Imagine you were here…” Oh no. We ARE here.

This is a group of children who are very experienced with creative ways of learning. The school do some remarkable things to extend teaching, and learning. The levels of writing is IMPRESSIVE. A lot of developed thinking, speaking, and listening, is evident, in what they did with us today, and in the work on display around the classrooms, and in portfolios galore.

We stood still for a long time, just taking in the experiences, the sights, sounds, “smells” and sensations that surrounded us. We slipped, not from being “here” to being “there”. Instead, it becomes part of where we were. You really can smell it, hear it, feel the warmth/coolness of the wind on your cheeks. Suspending disbelief, and letting your imagination travel, to a land that becomes tangible in so many of our senses.

You have to see it to understand it but it can have a huge impact on children of all ages and abilities, and not just on talk for writing, writing, confidences, creativity and imagination, but so much more in addition.

Another massive thank you to Geraint Morris, head teacher at The Rofft School and Simon Fisher, the school’s Digital Champion and his colleagues, the visiting colleagues and the children and parents and govenors, for a fun day, wandering in the world of words, both analog and digital. THANK YOU!

Thank you to Mike Elliott from the authority, who organised our visit, for sharing these thoughts:

We have been very much looking forward to welcoming Tim and Sarah to North Wales. Across North Wales, schools are at different stages along their digital journey. There is however, an evident desire within schools, and the region, to move along this journey to ensure our learners our prepared for the society they currently live in and will grow up to lead.

Working with Tim and Sarah is a key part of this journey. I know we will see teachers and learners playing an active role in demonstrating how technology can enhance the curriculum. I am particularly excited about seeing thoroughly engaged pupils sharing their knowledge and creativity; as well as teachers having ‘take aways’ to use in their classroom environment.

We invited Tim and Sarah to spend time with us because we have seen firsthand the inspiration they bring to both pupils and learners. I firmly believe that inspired teachers and inspired learners gain so much more from their educational experiences.

Creative in Excellence are hosting the two days in the Rofft School. Creative was formed by two successful school leaders – Darren Martin and Alison Matthias – to provide professional development opportunities for North Wales. Creative in Excellence are always looking for new and innovative ways to support schools in rasing standards. Through working with people like Tim and Sarah, Creative provide unique opportunities for schools to develop and impact on pupils across North Wales. Visit Creative’s site here.

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  1. Martin Hughes says:

    What an absolute outstanding day! I just want to thank Tim and Sarah for opening my mind to excellent creative ideas to inspire and motivate learners. I’m certainly inspired!

  2. Mandy McBurnie-Jones says:

    I was really disappointed with the day. I had already been on a ‘Myst lll’ course with Mike Elliot; it would have been helpful if your flyers had been more explicit, and had included the fact that Myst was to be used. Sitting through 3 hours of website information in the afternoon was tedious; I have had little success in accessing any of the websites flagged up.

    I had been booked to attend the second day at Marford, but having been told it would be similar (but for 5/6) I decided not to attend.

  3. Tim says:

    We are so sorry that the day didn’t fit your needs, or your expectations
    There were more than a hundred free websites in that locked page you were given the password to, so we would love to know if you manage to get on to any of them, and if there are of any use

  4. Amelia says:

    Thank you Mr Rylands. Tonight was astonishing, like a shimmering lake. I enjoyed being the Lady of the Manor.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you Amelia and well done
    You were a very convincing Lady of The Manor 😀

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Martin
    Glad you found some things useful

  7. Andrea Valentine-Jones says:

    Thank you Tim and all the team that organised this event. To the staff and head of The Rofft, thank you for your hospitality, your pupils were a credit to you and your parents. Great ideas Tim, thank you .

  8. Enfys Thomas says:

    Diolch yn fawr Geraint, staff a disgyblion Ysgol Y Rofft. Bendigedig!
    Thanks also to Tim and Sarah. I hope I can do justice to a very inspiring day when I attempt to put some of the amazing ideas to work!
    I am very proud to be LNF Partner at Ysgol. Y Rofft.

  9. Tim says:

    Thank you Enfys
    It was a great day and, you’re right, they should be very proud of what they are acheiving
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on

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