Daisy The Dinosaur ~ Programming basics

| February 5, 2014 | 3 Comments 

Daisy the Dinosaur is a great, free, iPad app, for introducing the fundamental elements of programming.

Young, aspiring, programmers can command Daisy to carry out simple movements, dancing across the screen, in the free “Play” mode. The beginner challenges make a great place to start.

Your youngest students will find this easy drag and drop interface an engaging introduction to controlling objects, sequencing, loops and events.

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  1. Anne Bufton-McCoy says:

    Loved Daisy the Dinosaur. Made me smile at the end of a long ,long week”

  2. Anne Bufton-McCoy says:

    Also hope you are both well and not flooded out. Had a visit from Ofsted which went well. Report on website under newsletter. I am really rather pleased. Nice comments re ICT. Thanx to you both.. Love anne x

  3. Sarah says:

    Not floods here, thankfully.
    Well done indeed, all of you, for your understandably superb Ofsted review. A well deserved credit to a hard working, inventive team, both children and adults.
    Thank you for keep in touch Anne
    Keep up the great work
    Tim and Sarah

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