ICT to Inspire Event Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

| February 5, 2014 | 49 Comments 

Lovely, to be in Aberystwyth,  for a full on day with over 120 delegates from across the Ceredigion region.

Ceredigion’s Education ICT team hosted this ICT event for teachers and education staff to help Inspire  school leaders to make the most from their ICT investment.

The aim of the day ~ to expose school staff to a range of new technologies and teaching ideas, giving them practical tips on how to bring these technologies into their lessons and to make the most of existing as well as new ICT across the curriculum.

Life fills us with stories – Mae bywyd yn ein llenwi â straeon

Stories fill us with life – Mae straeon yn ein llenwi â bywyd

As the main speakers, we shared a plethora of technologies and teaching ideas to inspire and engage pupils, making lessons exciting and rewarding for pupils and staff.

The Welsh Government, Hwb+ team gave the latest developments on the Hwb+ VLE rollout, together with RM to talk about the latest RM Books platform which is currently being rolled out in Ceredigion.

A range of other suppliers, including Canon, IDNS, Epson, Clicker, Integrex and more were on hand with stalls to demonstrate some great new technologies, including 3D printers, the latest projectors, MFDs, and a range of great hardware and software solutions.

A range of other stands were setup by the ICT team to demonstrate some of the latest work the Ceredigion team is rolling out to schools, including Office 365, RM Unify, the latest Teacher Centre developments, new Windows 8 devices, Kodu and scratch programing tools, Encryption solutions for teachers to allow home working, as well as our latest software offerings. Pupils from Ysgol T Llew Jones were also on hand to demonstrate how they are making use of iPads.

Finally, the Ceredigion support staff were around to work through any ICT support issues and to help out on the day. We enjoyed the company of a visitors from schools and the LEAs across the region.

A huge thank you to Kay Morris, Athrawes Ymgynghorol TGCh/ ICT Advisor, Adran Addysg / Education Department, Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council, for organising our involvement. A great day. Well done all.

TGCh i’ch Ysbrydoli: codi lefelau creadigrwydd plant o bob oed a gallu

Annog ac ysbrydoli hyd yn oed y dysgwyr mwyaf anfoddog.

‘Camais i dirlun o harddwch eithriadol, gan syllu ar yr wybren bluog yn ymestyn dros y môr sidanaidd ac yn teimlo’r tywod cynnes o dan fy nhraed. Wrth droi, fe welais i olion traed diamser yn ymdroelli am i lawr. I ble fydden nhw’n fy arwain i?’

Bydd Tim Rylands a Sarah Neild, athrawon sydd wedi ennill sawl gwobr, yn cyflwyno adnoddau a syniadau hygyrch cyffrous i godi lefelau ysgrifennu, siarad a gwrando, a chreadigrwydd ymysg plant o bob oed.

Dyma gyfle i archwilio bydoedd rhithwir, Web2.0 ac elfennau llythrennedd gweledol a deall sut maen nhw’n gallu cael effaith enfawr ar wella hyder a gallu plant i gydweithredu ar draws y cwricwlwm creadigol.

Defnyddio, a chreu, adnoddau perthnasol a deniadol i ysbrydoli a chyffroi plant o bob oed a gallu. Byddwch yn barod i gael eich ysbrydoli ac i adael gyda llawer o syniadau ymarferol i’w rhoi ar waith yn yr ystafell ddosbarth.

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  1. Amazing ideas. Look forward to trying to use 2% of these ideas!

  2. Rob Downing says:

    Brilliant, inspirational, useful and most of all doable.
    Thank you.

  3. A superb morning both.

  4. Glyn Howells says:

    Diolch yn fawr am sesiwn ddiddorol.

  5. Gareth Lewis says:

    Many thanks for an excellent presentation. We are definitely ‘inspired’ at Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi!

  6. Excellent show Tim & Sarah! Thx 4 sharing.

  7. Llinos Roberts says:

    Glad that I battled through the elements to reach here this morning. Some great stuff that I look forward to implementing some of these ideas. Thank you!

  8. Linda Carlisle says:

    Excellent presentation. Have requested further training from county – multiple schools, hopefully. Thank you!

  9. Joyce George says:

    Inspiring and informative morning. Now need some time to explore all the websites mentioned today. Thank you and hope we meet up again. I’m on my way back to school to inspire all the teachers and pupils. Wish me luck!!

  10. Lee Burrows says:

    An excellent presentation. Very interesting!!

  11. Nia Jenkins says:

    Very excited to take back learning to Ceredigion Youth Justice and Prevention Service to apply to our Offending Behaviour Interactive Programmes.

  12. Alwyn Davies says:

    Fab sites and fab ideas. Many thanks.

  13. Matt Williams says:

    Thank you for a very enjoyable and useful workshop. I will look through the the links, use some in my teaching and pass on the information to other members of staff back at school.


  14. Sara Sambrook says:

    Diolch yn fawr. So many useful links and ideas. Can wait to start using these ideas.

  15. Sioned Morris says:

    Thank to you both for sharing in such an informative and light-hearted way. Lots to look into. You definitely inspired. Diolch yn fawr.

  16. Dyfi Jones says:

    Inspirational, so many posibilities!! Thank you so very much!

  17. Carol Macy says:

    Great ideas and suggestions!

  18. Berian Lewis says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah, I was told that your presentation was going to be inspiring. You will be pleased to know that it exceeded all my expectations providing tools that will steadily provide a feast of learning experiences that will build independence,confidence and skills amongst learners (served with a good dollop of fun and laughter too I’m sure!)

  19. Ruth Lewis says:

    The morning certainly lived up to its name – truly inspiring!
    Thankyou Tim and Sarah

  20. Lorraine Young says:

    This is the second presentation by Tim and Sarah that I have attended and I was equally inspired and motivated a second time. None of today’s information was a repeat of the previous presentation – it was all new!

  21. Caryl Davies says:

    Excellent presentation and ideas! I look forward to use some of them in class.

  22. Aled Morgan says:

    Cracking presentation – inspiring indeed! I can’t wait to try some of these ideas in class. Thanks tim and sarah.

  23. Karen Barnsley says:

    Many thanks for today, plenty of new ideas to try.

  24. Alan Morris says:

    Fantastic talk, really inspired everyone in the room. Can’t wait to see some of the ideas get put into practice.

  25. Heulwen Howells says:

    Excellent presentation at Aberystwyth today.Looking forward to trying them at school!!

  26. simon newson says:

    trying out one of these ideas a week will safely see me through to retirement!

  27. Heidi Lorenz says:

    Enjoyable? Yes. Stimulating? Definitely. Inspirational? And how!!
    Thank you both for a brilliant morning – wonderful.

  28. Emlyn Jones says:

    Never had so many great ideas thrown my way in 2 hours. My 3 children have had an awesome night on their ipads and phone tonight visiting some of the sites. Cant wait to show the rest of the school some of these things tomorrow. Please come back soon. Ardderchog

  29. Nerys Llewelyn Davies says:

    Gwefreiddiol! Diolch o galon! A truly inspiring presentation with lots of wonderful and quirky new ‘tricks’ for us to try out – looking forward! Many thanks.

  30. Kay Morris says:

    A huge thanks to you both for delivering informative, exciting and inspiring sessions at Aberystwyth today. The feedback on today’s events have been amazing!

  31. Greg Roberts says:

    Great presentation and some excellent ideas to take back to the classroom!

  32. Lyndsey Richards says:

    Fantastic Talk today. Thanks so much for some really great ideas. It will sure have a huge Impact on our ICT. Diolch!

  33. ADRIAN HAVARD says:

    An amazing and inspirational session. DIOLCH

  34. Jan Lloyd says:

    Thanks for a great morning, it was very informative and definitely inspiring!!

  35. Gavin McKay says:

    Thanks for such an inspiring talk that was as fun and educational for us as
    hopefully it will be for the pupils. Keep up the good work Tim and Sarah and let us not forget the well
    travelled Mr Walker! (from the pm Mr Pick Pocket)

  36. Robert Jenkins says:

    Sarah and Tim. Not only inspiring but you were able to communicate a lot of content in an accessible way. Diolch o galon i chi eich dau.

  37. Linda Westlake says:

    So many ideas for using ICT when will I have the time to eat and sleep! Ardderchog!

  38. Elen James says:

    Ardderchog a gwych!! A truly amazing presentation, so many ideas in so little time!!

  39. Ffion Evans says:

    A great day yesterday – very inspiring! Diolch!!

  40. Simon Ealey - Fitzgerald says:

    A huge THANK-YOU to Tim and Sarah for a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring experience! The 65 minute drive home had my head buzzing with ideas and dreamining up new ways to apply what we saw. Keep up the good work!

  41. Eirlys James-Evans says:

    An amazing workshop! Look forward to trying some of these ideas out. Thank you.

  42. Diane Evans says:

    A truly inspiring workshop – Thank you! I introduced my year 10 class to Tagalaxy today – needless to say , they loved it! Can’t wait to try out some more new stuff!!

  43. Rhianydd James says:

    Tim and Sarah,
    The most inspiring presentation I have seen in a long while. The way you introduced all those fantastic resources in such a clever fashion was just astonishing!!! If I can get my staff to experiment and use just a few of what was suggested, it will have a positive impact on the learners (and staff members!!) I’m sure!!
    Diolch o galon am gyflwyniad bendigedig!!!!

  44. Sian Thomas says:

    A Wonderful presentaion to inspire the whole of Ceredigion. DIOLCH

  45. Annwen Watkins says:

    A very informative and interesting session. Definitely inspiring! Diolch yn fawr Tim and Sarah.

  46. Heulwen Howells says:

    An excellent time was had at Aberystwyth. Have already been surfing the internet to look for websites you suggested. An inspirational talk by you. Looking forward to using the resources you mentioned to further improve my teaching thus provide a better quality of education for the children.

  47. Tim says:

    Thank you indeed Heulwen
    Thank you for filing a comment too (check your emails)
    We’d love to know what you try out, and how you get on
    Have fun

  48. Leah Slaymaker says:

    Had a lot of fun! Interesting presentation with many new websites introduced. I’m looking forward to using a number of these with my children at school. Thanks 🙂

  49. Heulyn Roderick says:

    Diddorol, defnyddiol a gweithredol.

    Diolch yn fawr iawn am gyflwyniad arbennig.

    Interesting, useful and achievable.

    Thank you for a fantastic presentation.

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