Word search maker ~ A spelling list challenge

| February 6, 2014 | 0 Comments 

Wordles of spelling lists works. And.. we know this sounds simplistic, and a justification for playing such games, but we’ve seen some real benefit for reluctant readers, and those who find spelling a bit of a challenge, to set the week’s list as a wordsearch.

After you have completed a unit, it can often be fun for students to complete, or make, a word search, based on vocabulary encountered during the topic. This is a fairly basic activity, but does focus on one hidden element: in scouring for a word, children don’t realise how much they are taking in, about the spelling of that word.

WordsearchMaker.net, is a useful website that allows you, or your pupils, to create a wordsearch, print it, or embed it in to a website or blog. Try a quick pirating one to whet your appetite, me hearties!

(Click on the first, and last, letter of a word, when you’ve discovered it).


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