Milton Park Federated Primary School, Portsmouth ~ Day 1

| February 10, 2014 | 5 Comments 

Today, an INSET Day at Milton Park Federated Primary School in Southsea, Portsmouth, thanks to Headteacher Julie Smith, and to Lee Branscombe, Deputy Head Teacher for organising our two day visit.

Today was a day spent almost entirely digitally, with colleagues from across the school. We explored a vast amount of online resources, perfect for bringing learning experiences even more alive.

We looked at how technology should support the experiences children have, not replace them, – there can be no replacement for the doing (especially when some have a paucity of experience from which to draw), – technology, combined with the sensory experiences that we help to supply, can help them on the journey to developing the basic skills of oracy and thence to utilising their ‘scribbly sticks’, or digital tools, with increasing confidence and effectiveness.

There is a huge, and accessible, range of digital, and analogue, ways to engage, and motivate students of all ages, and abilities, These elements are not only essential for quality learning experiences to take place, but can also have a massive impact on standards, achievement… and enjoyment!

It was some of that massive amount of, freely available, tools that we explored and experimented with today. Well done all.

Lee shared his thoughts about where our input fits in to the school story:

Milton Park is a school on the up! The English manager has worked tirelessly to improve the standards in reading and writing across the school and has had a big impact on the quality of teaching and learning. The time is now right to have a fresh look at writing and to try and find new ways to inspire children to write. Having seen you at the Portsmouth Head and Deputy Conference in February last year, what you did there is exactly what we need!

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  1. Lee Branscombe says:

    A big thank you to Tim and Sarah. You made us think, you made us laugh, you made us play games! Some fantastic ideas from a fantastically delivered INSET.

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks Lee
    Looking forward to tomorrow…

  3. Julie Smith says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah

    Great day today…invigorating, fun and inspirational. Really looking forward to the children tomorrow. Thank you both for your energy and motivation.

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Julie
    As head, you have a right to be proud of your colleagues ~ they were up for everything
    Looking forward to a day with the children too…

  5. vanessa dowse says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah,

    ..thank you both..inspired me (never too old to learn!) and definitely inspired the children and my colleagues.I loved being able to write creatively alongside the children.

    (Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sarah)

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