Bourton-on-the-Water Primary Academy, Gloucestershire ~ Day 1

| February 24, 2014 | 12 Comments 

A fun, and full on, fast paced, day at Bourton-on-the-Water Primary Academy, with 50 folk from Bourton-on-the-Water Primary Academy, and St. David’s C of E Primary School.

The focus for today was on a plethora of digital resources to motivate and inspire, but we encouraged everybody to:

Pick ONE resource, play with it
(experiment first, THEN plan it carefully)
and watch the results

We discussed how technological ideas do not get in the way of learning. “They do not, by taking away from time preparing for assessment tasks, contribute to a slide in results”.

On the contrary, they can have a big impact on standards in our learning environments. But, it is the quality teaching, that flows alongside these resources, that has the impact

Imaginative, adaptable, open teaching, with an affinity for the needs, challenges, and celebrating the successes, of our pupils, are not only essential for quality learning to take place, they can also have a massive impact on, achievement… and enjoyment!

Thank you to John Jones, Head Teacher Bourton-on-the-Water Primary Academy for thoughts:

At Bourton on the Water Academy, along with our colleagues at St Davids C of E Academy, we are hoping to develop a love for learning where links can be made between subjects and topics, so that pupils are enriched by experiences and fulfil their potential. To that end we have developed a more creative approach to the curriculum that has at its core the expectation that pupils are given concrete and hands on experiences that help them better understand their world.

When witnessing the difficulties pupils had when writing about Tongo Lizards or inventing a new shoe during SATs writing exams it was apparent that our pupils seemed limited by their imaginations. In accepting that children write more interestingly and enthusiastically from experience and acknowledging that as rural schools, the cost of transport and position limits the range of experiences we can provide for our pupils, to enrich and grow their creativity we have engaged Tim and Sarah. We hope that through the two days of demonstration we can encourage our staff to make better use of technology that is on offer. Give the staff the confidence to use the internet as a key to unlocking the wider world, to enhance collaboration and improve final writing outcomes.

Thank you to John Jones and Faye Heming, Headteacher of St. David’s C of E Primary School and their colleagues for a fun day. Here’s to more, tomorrow, with the children.

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  1. Sarah Hancox says:

    Thank you for an amazing day, some wicked sites to check out but was fun learning with you x

  2. Amy Coole says:

    Inspiring, motivational and hugely engaging. There are many things I love about teaching but one of the most enjoyable elements of it is finding new resources to enhance learning, bring smiles to children and staff alike and ultimately enhance the enjoyment of learning. Since coming across Tim he has single handily changed the way I teach and the resources I use. Today’s training was one of the the most engaging and useful training days I have been on. I’ve come with new ideas/ tools and an enthusiasm to improve my practice even further. Can’t wait for day two and putting everything in place back in the classroom!

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Amy
    We know that you have chosen to come and see us a few times so are glad there was something new again today
    We would love to hear what you try next
    Keep in touch
    Tim and Sarah

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks Sarah
    We would love to know what you try first… 😀

  5. Hayley K says:

    Hiya Tim and Sarah
    A massive thankyou for today !
    Looking forward to try ‘Teach your monster to read’
    and our reception class 🙂
    Also just wanted to say when I got in my oldest
    Daughter (yr5) was creating a power point presentation!
    And what she created with graphics, moving pictures and text was pretty
    Amazing ! it’s clear that these simple rules of creating a piece of work could
    Inspire her to do anything !!! 🙂

  6. Jonathan Rhys says:

    Had a great day listening to Tim. It was nice to have someone show good quality websites or software to use in the classroom, to inspire pupils writing. I even spoke to a friend from another school and showed her Tag galaxy and how it could help her reception class access topic related images.

    Just had my head ring up saying I can go and observe Tim in action. Fun times tomorrow!

  7. Faye Heming says:

    Tim and Sarah,
    Thank you for an amazing day. It is attending days like this that make me yearn to be back in the classroom.
    Despite the fact I should be preparing for assembly tomorrow, I have been to the Switcheroo Zoo and created a Cheezabeest…. (I’ll shoehorn it into assembly somehow).
    I know that the rest of the staff at St. David’s were equally inspired and I cannot wait to see the impact this has on the children…. we will get those reluctant writers putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard / joystick / mouse etc.
    Thanks again,

  8. Tim says:

    Thank you Faye
    Everybody was up for it today weren’t they
    Enjoy your assembly… 😀

  9. Tim says:

    Thank you Jonathan
    It was great to have your input today
    Glad you make it tomorrow too
    Looking forward to it

  10. Catherine Hood says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for an inspiring and technology filled day. I am busy looking at some of these websites thinking about how I can utilise them in my class. Can’t wait to show them Teach your monster to read. Hope you all have a successful day tomorrow.

  11. Tim says:

    Thank you Catherine
    We’d love to hear how you get on with the things you try
    Do keep in touch and let us know
    Tim and Sarah

  12. Poppy says:

    3 years later I’m introducing Myst 3 to this year’s class at St David’s!

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