Bee~Bot: free iPad programming basics

| February 26, 2014 | 4 Comments 

Bee-Bot, an established name in the world of programming in schools, have developed a FREE app that acts as a superb introduction to control. The familiar yellow and black striped robot character, we have seen whizzing across the floor of many classrooms, now forms the central character in an iPad/pod app.

Use the Bee-Bot keyboard functions to program directions, and turns, in to a sequence to guide the bot through engaging garden scenes. Twelve timed, and star awarded levels, will appeal to children from aged four up.

There is an advert for the Bee-Bot pyramid game (which is not free) but no other product placement. Well worth an investigation, to get younger children thinking.

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  1. Sarah Brown says:

    I love this app!!

  2. Alison Magee says:

    A great presentation! And what a fantastic PowerPoint!!!! 🙂 thanks

  3. Paul hiscox says:

    Great app for all KS1 and EY.
    Free on appstore

  4. Janice says:

    At the Education Innovation conference, Tim Ryland’s whirlwind tour of all things wonderful in the world of the internet, did blow me away and reinforce the need for us to keep looking for beautiful experiences in – and out of – the classroom. Unfortunately, time did run out too soon.

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