Education Innovation Conference, Manchester

| February 27, 2014 | 47 Comments 

Education Innovation is a national conference and exhibition taking place in Manchester that brings together leading education experts, thought leaders and inspirational practitioners to share expert advice, training and guidance about integrating innovation and technology into learning.

In our session, entitled “Out of This World”, we shared some accessible, and hopefully inspiring, tools and ideas, for raising the level of writing, speaking and listening, and creativity in children of all ages.

An exploration of virtual worlds, Web2.0 and visual literacy elements, and how they have had a huge impact on raising children’s confidence and collaboration, across the creative curriculum.

Using, and creating, relevant, engaging resources, to motivate, and enthuse, children of all ages and abilities.

David Ventris-Field (Event Manager for Hamerville, the company behind Education Innovation) shared these thoughts:

The second Education Innovation Conference & Exhibition here, and, after a full year of planning, organising and cajoling, it is easy to avoid the rather pertinent question of why.

There are an awful lot of events in the education world: conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, webinars, teachmeets, tweet ups and this is to be fitted in amongst the not insignificant task of educating the nation.  Did we need another event?

Hamerville are event experts with over 30 years’ experience of running national scale, successful shows.  We are not education experts however and this lead to the rather refreshing approach of starting with a blank sheet of paper and consulting with a wide and varied range of educators to establish the sort of event that would be useful.

It became easier to initially establish what was not required: “We don’t want to be sold at or talked down to”; “events are always in the south”; “FE always gets forgotten” etc.  This made it easy to understand what kind of event not to put on, but it is quite easy not to put an event on.

We arrived at several key points about what Education Innovation should be:

  • Helping raise achievement through innovation
  • Enabling educators to harness technology
  • Provide opportunity for free CPD
  • Be cross educational: primary to adult; teacher to bursar; head of IT to principle
  • Be consultative rather than sales driven or didactic
  • Explore venues north of Birmingham

After an initial launch show that was very well received by visitors, but still relatively small in scale, for 2014, we have been able to build on this platform and really get a sense that we are achieving in these objectives.

We know for example, that although integrating technology and innovation into education can help enormously to support educators to raise achievement, but that it has to be done in a holistic way that brings even the most tech-sceptical educator along for the ride.  The event provides advice and guidance to people that would shun the interactive whiteboard, tuck the tablet away and develop a sheen of sweat at the mention of Raspberry Pi.  It also provides plenty for the geek, the Head of IT and the network manager, but will also show them how even the latest ideas can be fused with great pedagogy and successful implementation.

Overall, our hope for the growth of Education Innovation is that it can provide a fantastic platform for education professionals to enhance their skills and their own knowledge to the benefit of their students, whatever their confidence level with technology or geekery.

A forum for discussion about the benefits (or otherwise) of the latest technological advancements, whilst placing them in context with a shifting curriculum, changes in procurement and developments in the briefings from Westminster.

Why do we need Education Innovation?  Because innovating in the right way can lead to massive improvements in the way we all can learn.  Technology is a big part (but not the only), part of that innovation and gaining a better understanding of what is possible can open new doors to exciting worlds.

We are really excited about the 2014 show as it has come far closer to achieving our aims than we were able to achieve with the 2013 launch show.  We have over 120 fabulous exhibitors, 60 inspirational speakers including Tim & Sarah, and a plethora of features, advice hubs, workshops and CPD.

We are looking forward to hearing what visitors think of the show and we are incredibly keen to hear ideas and thoughts about topics and features we should look to investigate for 2015.

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  1. Victor Lane says:

    Great to see Tim in action again, lots of terrific ideas

  2. Mark Blackie says:

    What a fantastic source of resources so far! Still ten minutes of splattering to go!

  3. Matt Farrell says:

    Well Tim,

    You have taught me how to elsie. I cant wait to share my talents on the train home to night.

    wonderful talk!


  4. David Grey says:

    Hi Tim, would love a list of those websites from your out of this world talk! Thanks David.

  5. Helen Mulley says:

    So many amazing sites to explore!

  6. Peri Turner says:

    Love the idea of ‘woices’. There aren’t many that I don’t like though! Just wish I taught more than English!

  7. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the seminar at the Innovation Conference you showed some excellent and inspiring links that I will take back to my school.

  8. Barbara brew says:

    As inspirational as ever. Thank you.

  9. Sarah Brown says:

    Fantastic ideas

  10. katrina mcadam says:

    Really enjoyed the talk Thank you

  11. Paul says:

    Amazing presentation and loads of resources I can take back with me. I’m not even a teacher and I’m still going to use them. Thanks.

  12. Julian Parkin says:

    Absolutely inspirational presentation. Thank you

  13. Atyia Ejaz says:

    An absolutely Excellent session!!!
    I’ve picked up sooooo many ideas!!
    ‘Make it a comma- not a full stop’
    You are truly inspirational!!!

    Atyia Ejaz

  14. Mike Grainger says:

    Brilliant presentation! Thanks

  15. Mike Walker says:

    Brilliant session. CRAMMED with ideas and awesome communication engaging tools. Thanks Tim. (And Sarah for not getting me on pics Hahahaa)

  16. Helen says:

    You are the most inspiring talker I have ever listened to!!! Sensational and thank you, I can’t wait to get back to make a 360 school purspectus for our children to show off on our website

  17. Pauline Wilcox says:

    Brilliant session at EICE 2014…looking forward to getting copy of links from the talk and to checking out your website often! 🙂

  18. One of the best presentations I have seen in a very long time. Inspirational. Thank you and well done.

  19. Lucy says:


  20. Jen Heywood says:

    Feeling inspired after that session. Thank you – can’t wait to try some of your ideas in my classroom. I know the children will love it! 🙂

  21. John says:

    Another great session – thanks for the ideas

  22. Nick Negoita says:

    Nice seeing Tim today. Loads of lovely ideas.
    Thank you again.

  23. Stephen Smith says:

    Thanks for a great talk Tim, so do great resources which I can’t wait to try out!

  24. David Hird says:

    Have emailed the OED with a definition of Elsie!

  25. Phil Sayer says:

    Fantastic session this afternoon Tim! Much enjoyed and gleaned some excellent web resources too! Thanks.

  26. Karine Cotterill says:

    Truly inspirational. Thank you!

  27. Gill says:

    Wow an amazing array of inspirational ideas Thank you

  28. Mark says:

    Thank you, now can you come and speak to our teachers!?

  29. Lee Toulson says:


  30. Janice says:

    Tim’s whirlwind tour of all things wonderful in the world of the internet, did blow me away and reinforce the need for us to keep looking for beautiful experiences in – and out of – the classroom. Unfortunately, time did run out too soon.

  31. Dave Wallbanks says:

    I really enjoyed your 30 minute session at the EICE today. So many great ideas in such a short space of time! Loved the idea of taking Elsies. Can you please send me a list of the sites you showed us?

  32. Paul Simmons says:

    Excellent talk today. Looking forward to trying some of the resources out. Thanks!

  33. Leanne Day says:

    Hi Tim, thank you for a truly inspriational talk, lots of ideas I can’t wait to explore!

  34. Sel Acton says:

    Hi Tim,
    Very entertaining and informative talk, thank you!!

  35. Sue Callaghan says:

    Truly inspirational! Thanks, Tim.

  36. Joanne Daley says:

    You saved the best till last! Your fast, informative and arousing presentation was well worth waiting for. Nice one Jim👍

  37. Geseth says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve left a conference session feeling refreshed and eager to learn more. So many amazing and wonderful things out there. Thank you for sharing. Tim, following on from our brief chat afterwards, is this as good as it gets? What do you expect/hope to see next? What sorts of things should the next generation of innovators/makers/producers be thinking about to keep you/us excited about digital innovation and learning in the future?

  38. Wow wow wow! Without any doubt the best and most motivational presentation I have ever seen. Recommend anyone involved in education to take any opportunity available to see Tim present. Truly inspirational! Worth going to the Education Innovation Conference for this alone.

  39. Adam Saint says:

    Good Stuff Tim,

    ICT Is Not the Goal! just a Tool


    greetings from Then Netherlands

  40. Angela Masefield says:

    Really enjoyed yesterday’s talk at the EICE. It has inspired me in to look at IT in a different way as I start my teaching career. Many thanks,

  41. Tim says:

    Thanks ALL for your very thoughtful feedback on the EICE event
    It was great to see so many of you there
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Tim and Sarah

  42. Charlotte says:

    Absolutely amazing session yesterday! It was truly inspiring, can’t wait to try out these resources in the classroom! Thank you!

  43. Jason Linney says:

    Really inspiring seminar! It’s great to see that there are still impartial people out there who want to help make the web an amazing place by sharing ideas and resources without ‘ulterior’ motives! Finally been persuaded to join twitter just to get updates!@JaseLinney

  44. Elaine Makein says:

    never seen a powerpoint quite like it! So thought provoking, thanks for the inspiration.

  45. Farah Hassan says:

    Truly amazing and inspiring, keep up the good work Tim . Looking forward for your list of sites ideas shared in your talk -many thanks

  46. Sue Isherwood says:

    Fantastic to see Tim in action. I really enjoyed the whole session, it was inspirational!

  47. Kelly Hogan says:

    Your talk was truly inspirational and very memorable. I cant wait to check out all of the resources you recommended.

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