Mapping Our World (Oxfam)

| February 27, 2014 | 2 Comments 

Mapping our World from Oxfam, is a whiteboard teaching concept for 8 to 14 year olds, which explores the relationship between maps and globes, and how different projections influence our perception of the world. It challenges the idea that there is one ‘correct’ version of the world map.

It shows that the sizes of countries and continents are not always shown accurately on world maps & helps develop an awareness of the relative sizes of countries & continents.

The Gall-Peters Projection map could be thought to be (generally) more accurate about its depiction of true country or continent size, than Mercator’s map, but it also opens up a lot of discussion, about developing countries for example.

Here is a large scale, printable, Peters map. and here is an interactive Peters map.

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  1. Linda Ioanna says:

    A very inspiring 30 minutes. Can’t wait to explore.

  2. Leanne Day says:

    Hi Tim, thank you for an inspiring and informative workshop @EICE today, thoroughly enjoyable!

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