Cedar Primary School, Strood, Kent ~ Day 2

| March 14, 2014 | 5 Comments 

A second day at Cedar Primary School, and today alongside the teaching staff, looking at a huge range of digital opportunities, to support some of the analog learning that we experimented with yesterday.

Thank you to Jacquie Keelan, Headteacher, for sharing these thoughts:

Cedar Primary is a new school formed from an amalgamation of an existing Junior and Infant school.  Writing is unsurprisingly one of our biggest concerns.   With this in mind, it was a no brainer to look to ask Tim  to inspire and engage my teachers and my children, to plumb the depths of their imaginations, let loose their creative spirits and fly.

I wasn’t disappointed.  Tim’s unique approach toward creative writing fired the imagination of even the hardest to reach children.  Yesterday was filled with excitement and enthusiasm and more than a sprinkle of risk taking as the children have grown in confidence and taken pride in their writing.   It has been a privilege to watch as “reluctant writers” sneaked a few more words on their page as the activity ended, desperate to get everything on paper.    My teachers feel inspired and motivated and can’t wait to get stuck in…

Well done, all, for being up for all of the challenges of the last two days. That combination of the analog, and the digital, can provide some exciting learning opportunities. We look forward to finding out what you do next…

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  1. Emma Callow says:

    Fun, fun, fun – when can I get started?

  2. Casey Jones says:

    Wow. What an amazing two days. Day 1 really inspired my Year 6 reluctant boy writers, who talked more than I have ever known and wrote without moaning!!! Day 2 was full of inspirational ideas to support not only writing but other areas of the curriculum.

    I shall be spending most of the weekend exploring all these new exciting ideas

  3. Suzy says:

    A fantastic two days!
    The children, and adults, were actively engaged throughout – keen to go “through the door” and continue to explore.

    The magic moment for me – when the children on my table, just before lunch, said “wow, a whole morning with no maths or English” having been submersed in Literacy skills all morning. A brilliant job!

    I am looking forward to playing with the ICT brought to our attention today – so many great gadgets and ideas…I know what I will be trying first!

  4. Kirstie says:

    Wow – Have learnt so much. Can wait to see how much the teachers are able to build into their lessons. So many things that I wish I knew years ago.
    Inspired and motivated. Every teacher should have the knowledge to use ICT to support their pupils.

  5. Lorraine Crick says:

    A great day of gadgets and learning had by all, it’s Sunday morning 7am and I am playing with all I learnt!! Thanks so much, it was great to meet you and see you at work with the children.

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