Bordesley Village Primary, Birmingham ~ Day 2

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Thank you to Alayne Clowes, Headteacher Bordesley Village Primary, her colleagues, and the children, for a great second day. The teaching staff muddled in, mucked in, and worked alongside two groups of children, in an exploration of picking up words, and juggling them.

Go through life expecting to learn something new every day, and you probably will.

“It is good to be a learner”; to show that we, as “teachers” are still, and always will be, learning how you learn. Admitting we don’t know, shows we are genuine in our desire to help our students in their search for the most useful element of learning:

Knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.

We must not worry that “taking a back seat” looks like you are not driving things forward, especially when we are being observed. Allowing students to drive their own learning forward, builds confidence, develops connection with the journey, and increases a feeling of success when a destination is approached.

Completing a task is only one sign of success. The process of getting to a conclusion is as important as finishing it. It’s great when we try to encourage peer review during the session, not just at the end, when it can be too late to change something for the better.

Well done, all, for being up for the challenges today.

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