Digital Dialects

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Digital Dialects is a long established, and superb site, that quietly continues to grow.

It contains (Flash based) animation games for learning phrases, numbers, spelling, verb conjugation and alphabets, in 60 different languages: from Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Basque, Bosnian, Bulgarian… all the way through to Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Zazaki

They also have some really good geography games about regions and countries across the globe.

Digital Dialects was launched way back in January 2007, originally a “by-product of a dissertation reviewing web resources for language learning. The site was conceived as an educational tool for learning languages, and as a guide to online resources”.

All animation and webpage design is by Craig Gibson. The games are intended to provide a relaxed way of acquiring basic language skills, “a break from books”! Audio files have been incorporated into animations for certain languages, and more audio materials are planned.

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