Hautes Capelles Primary, Guernsey

| March 25, 2014 | 4 Comments 

A great day at Hautes Capelles Primary, Guernsey, joined by staff, and children, from St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary in St Sampson, also on the island.

We stood still in some stunning, virtual, landscapes and the writing that flowed from it was inspiring!

It is the peaceful, immersive nature of the landscapes we use, that creates sun engaging learning experiences. The true-to-life weather, with scudding clouds forming shadows that race across the boardwalk; the ability to touch and tap the railing you are leaning against to investigate whether it is solid or hollow; the discarded flippers on a lower platform that spark a debate about who lives in a place like this… all of these elements mean discussion, chatter and questioning, transform themselves into some remarkable descriptive narrative.

Thanks to Sue Coughlin, headteacher at Hautes Capelles (see their blogs here and here), for hosting our day so thoughtfully, and to Helen Shepherd, Headteacher at St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary School, Rue des Monts, St Sampson, on Guernsey, for bringing along a fantastic group of “Up for it” children and teachers to add their superb ideas to the day.

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  1. Karen Fyfe says:

    What a fantastic day. The children looked enthralled as did the staff. A great session for teachers after school. I can’t wait to try out some of the hooks and the panoramas.

  2. Sue Coughlin says:

    Thank you for an inspiring day. The children’s activities built upon our current drive to develop speaking and listening and using different stimuli for writing. It was a joy to see the writing the children produced in response to Tim’s questioning and gentle guidance. Our high speed staff training also meant that we now have a bag full of tricks to use to inspire and engage our children.
    Bring on the blogging challenge!

  3. Heidi Carre says:

    Thank you very much, I loved the high speed training session! I cannot wait to try out some of the new ideas in lessons and on our class blog! Looks like the children had fun!

    Miss C
    Year 6 Capelles

  4. Sarah Oliphant says:

    Thanks for an inspiring afternoon with Key Stage One! Looking forward to trying out some idea this week with my Year 1 Class. Hope to see you again in Guernsey for Part 2!

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