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Today was a fast paced exploration of many ways to inspire, and motivate, children of all ages, and abilities, with, and without, technology, alongside colleagues, and pupils, from Forest Primary, joined by colleagues from Le Rondin School Centre, LaMareDeCarteret Primary, Les Voies School, Le Murier School  and St Andrews Primary.

Thank you to Paula Sullivan, Executive Headteacher Forest Primary & Le Rondin School, for organising a great, wondrously and joyously mixed up, day at Forest Primary, in Guernsey: A morning with 60 Y5 and Y4 pupils; a whirling, speedy afternoon teachers; then a twilight with ALL of the staff. A fun filled day at Forest! Full on. Frantic… yet hugely fruitful. Fabulous!

One of the great thing about many forms of digital media is that they can be different every time. The story of a digital game can be different whenever it is played. With some of the virtual worlds we use, the background story can be generated by the people that explore them. And it will be “true” because they made it up themselves. There could be a whole “real” back channel or plot, but it fades in to the background, compared to the one that is generated by a class of children, creating their own tales and “back story”. We had great fun wandering in the world (in facts worldS) of words today.

Thanks you to Paula Sullivan & Adrian Paul, from Forest School, for their thoughts on the day:

From the moment the pupils and staff first encountered Tim they were intrigued and engaged. Tim established an excellent rapport and command of the room from the outset. He gave the children the confidence to find their voice and share their learning with everyone. The children understood the impact on their learning, particularly  their writing. It was clear to see the engagement and unlocking of the pupils imagination aided by Tim’s skilled questioning and  the use of an interactive world. The quality of writing produced was fantastic.

Many thanks Tim and Sarah for all your hard work.

The staff and children responded so well to some incredibly whizzing sessions, and the children wrote like the wind (only neater because the wind has really dodgy handwriting)!

It was impressive to sit with a few of the children and be involved in some remarkably open, deep, and poignant conversation, about the landscape we were experiencing, and the impressions that that place left upon their young minds. They were philosophical about the need to make changes in order to preserve what effect we have upon this planet, but, they also seemed aware of previous swings and alterations in temperatures that the Earth has experienced.

A fine balance between knowledge and an understanding of the importance of effort and change, however small and insignificant it may seem to the one who is “trying”.

It was a reminder of this poignant clock. It is thought provoking and does not give a vast amount of guilt free sunshine, yet may be well worth discussing with children.

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  1. Tom Newbold says:

    Really fun day, thanks for all the ideas.

  2. Claire Cunningham says:

    In the best possible way, today felt like a glimpse into ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ – full of possibilities. Thank you. (LMDCP)

  3. simone Richards says:

    Inspired 8 years ago – just as inspiring today – now its my turn to pass the inspiration on – Huge thank you

  4. Christine de Kock says:

    Thank you for a whistle stop tour and a ‘refresher course’ yesterday afternoon. Many thanks.

  5. Many thanks Tim and Sarah for a really informative workshop which has given me lots of ideas, links and possibilities to take away and try. Regular to your blog and recently used A.L.E.X. as suggested. My weakest readers were leading their groups creating new pathways for others to try and reaching the highest levels. It was great to see the tables turned and the brightest students lining up for advice from their ‘weaker’ peers. Many thanks again!

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