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| March 26, 2014 | 5 Comments 

Which method is the most effective, when deciding on a new layout of a room: pen and paper, computer, or drag the furniture around until you’re happy. The answer is debatable, eh? Now we can to see how powerful a digital design can be.

There are quite a few ways of tackling the challenge of helping children explore the world of graphical modelling.

We have covered a few before (as you’ll see from the comments) as it forms an increasingly important part of computer science and graphical modelling. is an outstanding extension to the whole process, enabling interesting, & genuinely useful planning.

It is a great FREE tool, powerful in helping pupils to understand how ICT can be used to explore certain aspects of design even if they lack technical drawing skills.

A simple design package to model or simulate real life settings, like planning rooms in a house, and is easy to understand and master.

There is now a free app for iDevices and Android tools

As children plan the layout of the room, they choose furniture from a collection of graphics and when they arrange the furniture in the room they can select, drag and drop, move, rotate, copy all the different elements… and then see their room in 3-D! ——->

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  1. Dan Bowen says:

    These resources are excellent for key stage 3 ICT, design technolog and so on. I think there is mileage in health and saftey too for key stage 5 and even 4 (if schools are doing trad gcse courses where there is theory)

    thanks for sharing, would have also been usful for learning space design under BSf.

  2. blog says:

    Thanks for these thoughts Dan. Have you got any other resources or links you might suggest?
    (Top marks for speedy comment btw 😀 )

  3. Katie Hague says:

    Some great resources for a topic which can be very dull. Google Sketchup also great, and free. Can be used to design houses / rooms and can link with Google Earth. My Year 5 class built Greek temples and placed them on the Acropolis in Athens!

  4. Using Homestyler with Year 5/6s – they have picked it up fast and love it. It does not appear to have any TOS age limit which is really good. Would highly recommend. Teacher seeing it is well impressed and will use it back at school

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