NAACE Strategic Conference 2014 – ‘Outstanding in a technology-enhanced world’, Nottingham

| March 28, 2014 | 11 Comments 

An honour, to be invited to the De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, to present the closing keynote for the NAACE Conference, 2014.

In this speedily changing education world, with a potentially daunting set of “new” elements to teach, we picked apart some of the possibilities to unravel the computing conundrums, but also started off what we regarded as key aspects of any teacher’s tech toolkit, for bringing lessons alive across the curriculum.

We also sought the input, of everyone there, for their ideas, for “that essential resource”.

After sharing some introductory, and accessible, ways to engage, and motivate students of all ages, and abilities, we reinforced how these elements are not only essential for quality learning experiences to take place, but how they can also have a massive impact on standards, achievement… and enjoyment!

Find a ‘Spicynodes’, of some of the resources we mentioned, here.

Naace is the national association for everyone promoting learning with technology in a connected world. A community of schools, teachers, those who work in schools and the Education Technology industry. Their members share a vision for the role of technology in improving and transforming learning and teaching.  

The Naace Strategic Conference 2014 addressed how to be outstanding in a world full of technology with a focus on school improvement and raising standards, meeting technical challenges and e-twinning, a great chance to improve understanding of how best to advance education.

Alongside the Keynote Sessions, and Naace Impact Awards presentations, delegates were able to network at a ‘NaaceShare’ teachmeet—style event and discover top new products at the exhibition.

As a professional association, NAACE represents the voice of the UK education technology community in the schools sector at a national and international level, as well as supporting colleagues across the sector through conferences, courses and the dissemination of resources, research and reflection. They play a key role in both members’ professional development, through the challenge and support of a community of practice, and the development of the profession as a whole, through the sharing of innovation and expertise. Find out how to become a NAACE member HERE.

Naace Members, and Sponsoring Partners, work in the public and private sectors. They come from many diverse backgrounds including teachers, school managers, curriculum leaders, lecturers, local authority advisors, independent consultants, software developers and designers, sales personnel, technicians, student teachers, company managers, national partners and colleagues from commerce and industry. A dedicated team of permanent staff is based in Nottingham to support the Association’s activities.

Members, Sponsoring Partners and staff all share a passion for embedding the effective use of ICT into teaching, learning and school management. If YOU recognise that passion, and are looking for like-minded professionals – join Naace to share it with them.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Fantastic close to a great two days, definitely well worth waiting for and so much to explore and investigate when I get home.
    Thanks again, great tech toolkit and brilliantly presented

  2. Dave Snowdon says:

    Fantastic session at Naace14. Inspirational. So much to take in. Can’t wait to try it all out!

  3. Chris says:

    A fabulous training session. Thank you Tim and Sarah.

  4. Emma says:

    Wow! I am ready to go….thanks Tim!

  5. Nick says:

    Another OUTSTANDING session from an outstanding gent. Pause for thought, and pause again. My head is swimming with all of the ideas. Thank you Tim.

  6. Val Hurley says:

    Lovely to see Tim and Sarah, a dexterous, deftly performed awe inspiring closing presentation, thank you!

  7. Dughall says:

    A wonderful wonderful session once again thank you both so much for closing the conference with such style!

  8. Tim says:

    Thanks all, for your thoughtful comments
    Remember to check out the links, mentioned in the blog post, for some of the ideas that were crowd sourced today
    Keep ’em coming
    Thanks again
    Tim and Sarah

  9. R Blaize says:

    A truly inspirational presentation and performance.

  10. @pederosa says:

    As usual an inspiring and entertaining performance by Tim (and Sarah) that reassure us that although the new curriculum appears to be all about coding in fact all the exciting, engaging and effective use of technologies we engage with to raise attainment across the curriculum is still very relevant. As always with Tim’s sessions you walk away entertained, reassured and with a plethora of free and easy to use resources that you can’t wait to use back in the classroom.

  11. ‘Using ICT to Inspire’ ……. Tim did exactly that! 🙂 A truly inspirational man. His presentations are of the highest order in both their delivery and content. A great end to 2 fantastic days at the Naace Conference.

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