Bucklebury C of E Primary School, near Thatcham, West Berkshire

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A joyous, whizzing, trip to Bucklebury C of E Primary School, Upper Bucklebury, near Thatcham, Reading in Berkshire.

One of the things we investigated, today, was how virtual worlds, with their stunning landscapes, peaceful characters and realistic challenges, can be used across subject areas, abilities and age ranges, with remarkable effects: developing speaking, listening and writing abilities and raising confidences and self-esteem.

Then we shared a whistle stop tour of many ways that tech can enhance learning opportunities.

In the end, it is about communication, rather the tool used to say it.

Technology should support the experiences children have, not replace them, – there can be no replacement for the doing (when some have a paucity of experience from which to draw, especially), – technology, combined with the sensory experiences that we help to supply, can help them on the journey to developing the basic skills of oracy and to using their ‘scribbly sticks’, or digital tools, with increasing confidence and effectiveness.

Thank you Pippa Rowe, Headteacher, for hosting our visit.

A huge thank you to Suzi Poole, a parent volunteer (former ICT teacher) who made the initial contact about getting us to visit the school.

Suzi told us that “A practically miraculous local donation facilitated my implementation of 34 new PCs in the school and we hope to buy some Tablet computers for Yr 6 soon.

I heard you speak at Bett 2014, Tim, and your presentation ‘set me on fire’. I am not expecting a magic bullet, but perhaps you could reach the parts that ordinary ICT Tutors don’t?”

… We had a go! Thanks all!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspiring day.
I thought the morning session with the children was fantastic, and had similar feedback from the afternoon (I was covering a class). The Inset was ‘mind blowing.’ I’m sure I am showing my age in that expression but I didn’t know just how much was ‘out there.’ No doubt the children are far ahead of me when it comes to web based activities.
The impact your day has had will be far-reaching; so many exciting avenues to explore – and to use a very cheesy and over used quote from  Buzz Light-Year, (is his name hyphenated?) regarding the capacity to enhance education, IT is truly “To infinity and beyond.” 

Pippa Rowe, Headteacher

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  1. Suzi Poole says:

    There was definitely more than one “Heineken” moment for me today, enthralled with the nuggets of wisdom that Tim still managed to impart to the “Big People” present whilst juggling and commanding a room of over 60 primary school children across three different years!

    It might be a bit old-fashioned to quote The Beatles but Tim and Sarah took us on a “Magical Mystery Tour” to show the difference between a simile and a metaphor; to hear how adding “ly” to a word can make that word carefully chosen and bravely used to bring a story ALIVE and to show us no less than how to unlock the wonderful creative author inside each child.

    If one can leave a training workshop feeling invigorated, inspired, over-awed, inundated and rejuvenated. If one can finish a day knowing that ALL learners can be shining stars given the right creative environment, encouragement, time and respect.

    It must be so hard to shrug off the pressure in a SATS-driven world but listen to your heart and look at the faces of the learners to remember why the most precious, and possibly elusive, thing in our existence is to develop a life-long love of learning.

    This engagement is what drives me to embrace the new technological tools of this world. THANK YOU!
    Suzi Poole
    Year 6 Parent and IT Upgrade Project Volunteer

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you SO much for this reflective thought Suzi

    Tim and Sarah

  3. Serena says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed our ks2 morning with Tim and Sarah guiding our juniors into writing in an exciting and imaginative way. As a teacher it was so refreshing to be a participant and not a teacher. Have been left with ideas and reflective thoughts – thank you. Only hope I can remember how to implement all the ideas you exposed us to in the teacher session after school! Loved the day.

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