Park Walk Primary, Chelsea ~ Day 1

| April 3, 2014 | 8 Comments 

Thank you to Jo Walkden, Head Teacher of Park Walk Primary for inviting us to spend two days with the children, the staff, and visiting colleagues.

This morning, we spent some joyous time,  exploring (but standing still too) alongside children from Year 5 and 6. We, indeed, stood still (before turning, gently, and nothing more) in an unreal, yet SO real, landscape. It almost WAS real, became real: we believed we could smell it, and sense the mystery dance through our nostrils, touch it, feel it.

We have always said that we don’t advocate using virtual worlds as an alternative to getting out and about in the analogue landscapes around us. (Although, it is a lot safer and less insurance than a school trip!!)

There is no better experience than taking a group of children out into the world. Many schools have told us, though, the experiences children have within the classroom settings we have been developing, and the structured way these activities develop speaking and listening skills, have had a big effect on the way their classes take part in trips and camps. Groups of children sharing ideas, collaboratively and creatively, using some of the skills they have acquired in their “virtual travels”.

The opportunity to then pick apart what happened in the lessons is so valuable. To expect children to immediately, and confidently, throw themselves into a new experience, and trust a completely unfamiliar teacher enough to rise to unexpected challenges, in front of their classmates, and teachers, is a tall order. Yet, they did, and with style today. Well done folks.

The afternoon gave us the opportunity to work with the staff and visiting colleagues, reflecting on the morning’s lesson and exploring Web2 resources, and a hands-on session with Myst III.

A joyous day with fun galore. Thanks all.

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  1. Richard Charlesworth says:

    A great day. Jam packed full of useful ICT and teaching tools. Looking forward to tomorrow! From the pickpocket (Mr C)

  2. Jon Bennett says:

    What a fantastic day! Tim gave us so many fantastic resources and ideas. The children had an amazing time. We were all engaged throughout and the writing the children produced was fantastic.

  3. Megan Merry Wright says:

    What a great day. The kids loved it! Invaluable in terms of showing us different ways to approach literacy through technology, something that’s very important that as teachers we keep up with. I was engaged and delighted as an adult, and can only imagine what it must have been like for the children! Great resource access too, will definitely be using them in the future. Many thanks!

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Megan
    We would love to know what you try, and how you get on
    More tomorrow
    Tim and Sarah

  5. Ljubinka Rajic says:

    What an awesome and shining Teacher !!!
    A glorious sessions and fruitful enjoyable day full with remarkable, inspiring ideas, tips , imaginative tools ,outstanding techniques and creative approaches to improve visual literacy and many other subjects also…

  6. Aadila Bronkhorst says:

    Thank you for unraveling the world of ICT inspiration. Both you and Sarah turned mirrors into windows… riveting us from start to finish. An inspirational day from sources of true genius!

    Ps: Tom Cox’s(Bloom’s) Thinking Dice is a definite winner too!

  7. Lorna Brady says:

    A fantastic day. Thoroughly engaging and inspiring. The children loved it and wanted to write. There were so many amazing resources shown which I look forward to trying out with my class. Thank you! 😄

  8. Hannah Robinson says:

    Thank you so much Tim and Sarah for such an inspiring day. I left Park Walk feeling full of great ideas, many of which I can put in to action straight away. A really fantastic, lively and hugely useful day which has already had a positive impact on my teaching and the way I view ICT.
    Many thanks again,

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