Park Walk Primary, Chelsea ~ Day 2

| April 4, 2014 | 2 Comments 

Day Two at Park Walk Primary with a focus on Key Stage 1 children today, and working on MORE digital possibilities, with the teachers.

Park Walk Primary School staff work extremely hard to deliver a stimulating and fun curriculum for the children to engage in. Our Literacy co-ordinator leads on encouraging the children to ‘put pen to paper’ at every opportunity. The children’s creative ideas can be seen in Big Writing, everyday Literacy pieces and in competition entry pieces they have completed -some published!

We are always looking for further opportunities to inspire our children to express their creative talents. Tim’s IT opportunities give us just that, another portal through to the world of children, tapping in to their imagination, allowing us to help them release ideas.  Tim was able to offer us a link to add to our chain; one that we can use to bond creative ideas and higher level expectations in our writers.  We look forward to greater things to come.

The morning session, with Year 2, was enchantingly enjoyable. They are an imaginative, excitable, crew, so we placed a lot of emphasis on the power of these resources, and the teaching techniques that can flow from them, to build social etiquette, and classroom management. They really moved forward in their working as one, a reflection of some of the things their teachers have already built with them too.

We went up the Corkscrew Cattail plant in Edanna; thought about what this strange object actually was; wrote about it & considered how we might venture up it, in some imaginative verb/adverb clauses; and then surmised what the top of… whatever it was… might be like.

At last, and after a lot of writing, talking, a powerful balanced argument (with a seven year old!) and dramatic invention, we set forth upon this intriguing contraption, spinning our way to the top! (A perfect chance to experience excitement and self control, and didn’t they do well. A great “next step”).

We shared a big-book of The Owl Babies, and talked about the feelings that the three chicks experienced in that story. This transferred really well when they generated their own list of descriptive vocabulary to describe how the little bird in front of us was feeling. Gently, we snuck up, quietly, on a little chick, alone, in a nest, and were startled to be joined by, what we surmised to be the male, father, of the little one. Great discussion, and collaboration ensued.

It was valuable to have time afterwards, to discuss, evaluate and extend, some ideas, further with the staff.

The afternoon saw us getting major technical with the teachers. Dancing digital delights.

Thank you again to Jo Walkden Head Teacher Park Walk Primary for hosting our visit, and to EVERYONE involved, for making it such fun!

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  1. Maddy Healy says:

    What an inspiring day! The children could not contain their excitement. I will definitely be using a great deal more ICT to help inspire learning opportunities across the curriculum. Thank you Tim and Sarah, what a great team!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Maddy
    We hope you have fun with the game too
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Tim and Sarah

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