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| April 22, 2014 | 7 Comments 

The first of two days alongside the staff of The New Horizons Federation, ~ today with 150 folk at Oakwood School, one of the Federation schools, in Bexleyheath, in Kent, and what a full on two days awaits us all.

The federation Provides a continuum of provision for young people in danger of missing education.

We worked alongside John Moore, Head of Pathways, many years ago, so it was a pleasure to be invited back to work with John again, in his new, special, setting ~ The New Horizons Federation. John shared these thoughts:

New Horizons sounds like it should be part of the Star Trek franchise and in one sense our mission from the outset was to boldly go to where no one has been before!

The New Horizons Federation  came together five  years ago to bring together the provisions in Bexley for young people who were struggling in mainstream schools or who had been permanently excluded and those young people whose social and emotional needs could best be met in our specialist settings.

Our schools and provisions are creative and innovative and collectively and individually we offer an exciting and engaging curriculum.We are always exploring new ways to engage our young people in learning.We are acutely aware of the need to ensure that young people leave school equipped for life in the 21st Century but giving them more of a diet of what has failed them in the past is clearly not the answer!

We have been looking forward to working with Tim and Sarah to recharge our batteries and to challenge our thinking and open our minds to new and exciting ways of teaching and learning.

John Moore, Head of Pathways

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  1. Phill Collins says:

    Excellent, inspiring day that could easily have filled 2 days with no problem. Thanks for keeping everything light hearted and interesting. Looking forward to seeing the positive impact this has on our childrens learning.

  2. Bev Evans says:

    Wow! So many great resources and I can’t wait to go play and use some of it in my RS lessons.

  3. Rachel Lindsey says:

    This has been an outstanding day for all those involved in New Horizons. By the first break the outreach team were talking about how they could use aspects in their preventative interventions to reach those young people who find verbalising their thoughts a challenge. Personally I wish I had more time in the classroom to utilise the tools we have been shown. It will take us all time to absorb the information but with such a creative team I expect to see the impact of today as I visit schools this term.!
    Many thanks for inspiring and motivating a very diverse team into being more creative and allowing the young people to do the talking.

  4. Craig Gildea says:

    Thank you both for an informative day! Brilliantly run, informative session that WILL help transform lessons!

  5. Paul Harris says:

    Avalanche!!! I’m an armadillo in a snowstorm paperweight …. Shaken and stirred …. A lot of new tools in the box …. Thanks for a great day

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks for your comments folks
    We are now really looking forward to tomorrow with the students
    Keep in touch and let us know what you try first
    Thanks again
    Tim and Sarah

  7. Peter Fisher says:

    Many thanks – a really inventive and eye-opening day. So many ideas, I’m not sure where to start, perhaps that armadillo might know!

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