New Horizons Federation, Bexleyheath ~ Day 2

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Our second day with the folks of the The New Horizons Federation, today joined by the students and pupils.

The morning at Oakwood School with Year 7 and Year 8 students and an afternoon at Westbrooke School with the Year 4 pupils. What wonderful wanderings in the world of words. Where would we wander? Words whirled whichever way we walked.

Eyes widened and we were waxing wildly at a wholly waveless, wilderness, where warm, winds whispered through wildflowers and willowy whisps. Awash with wildlife it was! Wood-pigeons, wrens, woodpeckers? Whatever… they were warbling on the wing. How welcome warm weather was. We were wishing winter would wane, weren’t we?

Not one second was wasted. Whenever someone wittered, we weren’t wearied while waiting. We let their words wash over us and wallowed in their wisdom.

Thanks to Bev Evans head of Oakwood School and Phill Collins, head of Westbrooke School which are both part of the New Horizons Federation, for hosting us & giving us the opportunity to spend time with their children & colleagues.

It was great, to get all analog, after a great day of bountiful electronic possibilities yesterday, but to hear countless tales of the digital dabblings of the staff.

Following on from our dalliances with a range of digital delights, Red Class even had a Padlet set up, already, to report on the hatching progress of their chicks. Others were checking in to find out how things were cracking on. We were all eggcited!

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